This is a response to all those who say that the private life of those who hold high public office is irrelevant and should not be reported by the newspapers

Published: January 8, 2017 at 12:20pm

If I hadn’t revealed the details – and those were just a fraction of them – of Magistate Herrera’s sordid secret shenanigans with high-ranking police officers, among others, and her involvement with politicians and business operators, she would have met with the approval of the Committee.

I had to testify before the Commission for the Administration of Justice, twice, meeting with great hostility from those members of the Commission who support the Labour Party or who, for personal reasons of their own – like the Chief Justice, who can’t stand me because I dared criticise him – were rude and antagonistic, forcing me to remind them that I was there at the Commission to do them a favour, as was my civic duty, and not the other way round.

Now we should expect Justice Minister Noddy, Muscat’s puppet, to ignore the Committe’s decision, as he has empowered himself to do under the law.