This is a response to all those who say that the private life of those who hold high public office is irrelevant and should not be reported by the newspapers

Published: January 8, 2017 at 12:20pm

If I hadn’t revealed the details – and those were just a fraction of them – of Magistate Herrera’s sordid secret shenanigans with high-ranking police officers, among others, and her involvement with politicians and business operators, she would have met with the approval of the Committee.

I had to testify before the Commission for the Administration of Justice, twice, meeting with great hostility from those members of the Commission who support the Labour Party or who, for personal reasons of their own – like the Chief Justice, who can’t stand me because I dared criticise him – were rude and antagonistic, forcing me to remind them that I was there at the Commission to do them a favour, as was my civic duty, and not the other way round.

Now we should expect Justice Minister Noddy, Muscat’s puppet, to ignore the Committe’s decision, as he has empowered himself to do under the law.

  • john

    How dreadful (but typical of this place) for members of the Commission to treat someone testifying before them in such an antagonistic manner.

    The minister should be held accountable in parliament for his choice of such a disreputable person for high public office.

  • Evarist Saliba

    This makes sad reading for the state of affairs in Malta. We should never have reached this stage in the first place.

  • torquemada

    This woman’s degenerate lifestyle is common knowledge but it would have remained just gossip had Daphne not put it in black on white.

  • MarloweChris

    I’d be delighted to know where the Chief Justice got the idea that judges and magistrates should be beyond criticism.

    If anything, they aren’t criticised enough, particularly in view of recent social science findings that show that even what a judge had for breakfast (blood sugar levels) statistically affects how he rules.

    Here’s the paper in question:

    • Sowxal

      The real measure of the Chief Justice’s abilities was revealed when he flunked the European Court of Justice test.

      Some Maltese judges and magistrates think that they are as able as they are pompous. In Malta they are treated as gods. Elsewhere they are cut dow to their small size.

      • J Sammut

        I suspect he failed on purpose. Muscat wanted to kick him upstairs.

      • He wanted the job and that’s why he applied for it. There is no such thing as ‘failing on purpose’ and Muscat did not want to kick him upstairs because he has never stood in the way of anything. On the contrary.

      • Sowxal

        No, he is just not up to it. Basta kollu pompa.

    • Godfrey Leone Ganado

      Let alone if the person has had some hard pillow talk.

  • Gieh ir-Republikka is not an honour but an insult.

    • Godfrey Leone Ganado

      HEAR, HEAR.

  • Issa naraw

    There are others but you will probably never know their name.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    I would not be surprised if that is what Noddy does. By now he does not even realise that he has become another Labour compulsive liar and that he has already breached the Constitution on the nomination of two magistrates, one of which was made as a corrupt favour to her father. These Labour power maniacs change laws to give them despotic powers.

  • thealley

    How is she not fit for judge, but fit for magistrate?

  • Francis Saliba MD

    Without people like Daphne, those with the authority and the responsibility to make correct wise choices would find it easy to protest “I do not see anything, I do not hear anything, I know nothing and therefore we do nothing to prevent indecent appointments to high positions of trust”. It has happened before.

    • Tabatha_White

      Without Daphne, those who are waterboarded, or steamrolled over, would have no chance of coming up to the surface to gasp for air every now and again.

  • Edward Sant

    Someone once said “Evil succeeds when the good people stand back and do nothing.” How true!

  • I don’t think Jose Herrera has any influence in getting his sister made a judge. He couldn’t even get them to make him a minister until four years into this government’s term in office. And they made Junior Noddy minister for justice rather than him.

  • Evarist Saliba

    If a person is not fit to be a judge, that person is not fit to be a magistrate, especially for the reasons stated in this case. That is common sense.

    However, here we have two different issues. There is one procedure to decide – no, that’s wrong; the decision lies with the Minister of Justice – whether a person is fit to be a judge before the appointment is made.

    There is a different, and more difficult, procedure to declare that a person already appointed a judge or a magistrate, is not fit to carry on holding that position.

    Of course, there is a clear and honourable solution that avoids this administrative maze, and that lies with the person directly involved. Such a decision requires integrity and courage.

  • Angus Black

    Licking an ice-cream cone in Kingsway was not half as bad as judges and magistrates licking politicians’ arses in public and private.

  • For heaven’s sake, nobody can put forward anybody’s name for a job unless that person first applies for it.

  • The degenerate lifestyle of a judge or magistrate is most definitely NOT irrelevant.

  • Tabatha_White

    Likewise. Entirely. They are superfluous once past that point. Realisation wasn’t immediate. It wasn’t a code I grew up with. Questioning what wasn’t was a process.

  • callixtus

    The private life of anyone holding high public office should be the first port of call of any journalist worth his salt. Credible reports, proved by Putin’s denials, of the Kremlin having a dossier of Trump’s perverted sexual acts (can anyone imagine Trump not being a sexual pervert?), with which it is blackmailing him explains why the pussy-grabber-in-chief’s cabinet is teeming with Putin’s quislings.