WATCH: Corrupt accountant who set up Panama companies for Schembri, Mizzi and third man, selling Maltese citizenship and residence visas in Middle East publicity video

Published: January 14, 2017 at 12:54pm

This video – published three weeks ago under the name of WAHAAT FAMILY MATTERS – shows Karl Cini peddling Maltese citizenship and residence visas for the Middle East market. You have all the background here.

Karl Cini is the corrupt accountant and part-time ballet dancer who made the actual arrangements for Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri and a third man, who is widely assumed to be the Prime Minister himself, to set up companies in Panama a few days after they were elected to power in March 2013.

It was Cini who dealt directly with Mossack Fonseca in Panama on their behalf, and it is his name on the emails. Cini is also the one who told Mossack Fonseca that he would give them the name of the ultimate beneficial owner of Egrant Inc in a Skype call and not by email.

Cini works for Brian Tonna, a more seriously corrupt accountant who is the kingpin and fixer in all these illicit arrangements and networks. Tonna, who is the ultimate beneficial owner of Wahaat Services Ltd in his personal capacity, has been given the exclusive concession to sell Maltese citizenship and residence visas over the whole of the Middle East, which is the biggest market for them at over 60% of requests.

The Maltese government has sold citizenship to 700 people so far at €650,000 a shot, which is €455 million or almost half a billion euros. Efforts at trying to get the government to say where the money is being held have so far proved fruitless. There is no indication, either, of how much of that money has been shaved off in commissions and kickbacks, and to whom.