What’s happening with the Jordanian University of Baksheesh?

Published: January 8, 2017 at 11:11pm

Almost two years on, the Jordanian University of Baksheesh remains mysteriously incommunicado. For a (fake) university that’s planning to bring thousands of students from the Middle East to Malta, it’s strangely absent from the internet. Its Facebook page has been dormant since the beginning of May 2015 with a COMING SOON banner that’s been running since January last year.

And today, they’ve suddenly uploaded their fabulous new logo in the style of Anglu Farrugia’s cufflinks – same ethos and thinking, superior execution – and a pictorial announcement, with no textual explanation, that the ‘university’ will be opening in “Fall 2017”.

They have to say ‘Fall’ rather than autumn, of course, in line with the fiction that the outfit is American and not a shady project which is 100% owned by a Jordanian builder.