17 Black: the Prime Minister claims not to know anything about it

Published: February 27, 2017 at 8:12pm

A journalist from Newsbook asked the Prime Minister this morning about 17 Black – the company which those crooks use to move money in and out of Dubai.

He has no idea about it, he said, wearing the exact same expression he did back in February last year when challenged about Keith Schembri and Panama. And after claiming unconvincingly to know nothing, his eyes shift immediately to the right and he looks embarrassed and awkward.

Oh, the poor thing. All he has to do is ring Kenneth Farrugia, the new boss at the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, or Lawrence ‘Lorry’ Cutajar, the Commissioner of Police. They’ll tell him everything he claims not to know.

Or he could take a short-cut and go directly to his mate the Attorney-General – the one who shares a cosy box at the Manoel Theatre with the Justice Minister.