ARMS pays €89,000 to Labour MP and Labour Party executive secretary for “legal consultancy services”

Published: February 5, 2017 at 11:42am

The state water and electricity billing agency, Automated Revenue Management Services Ltd (ARMS), is paying €22,000 to Labour MP Luciano Busuttil and €67,000 to the Labour Party’s executive secretary, Lydia Abela, for “legal consultancy services”.

The contracts were given by direct order and not by tender. The direct order to Luciano Busuttil is listed in the current issue of the Government Gazette as having been approved by the ARMS CEO on 16 November last. The direct order to Lydia Abela was approved directly by the Ministry of Finance on 16 September last.

Busuttil also receives a salary, and has a state-funded car and chauffeur, as chairman of the national sports council. His wife, who plays tennis and wears high heels while claiming to be disabled, has a disabled-parking badge on her car and has also been given at job at the Malta Gaming Authority.

Lydia Abela’s husband, Robert, another Labour Party activist and son of the Labour Party’s former deputy leader and head of state, George Abela, receives tens of thousands of euros a year to provide “legal and consultancy services” to the Planning Authority.

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  1. Sella Turca says:

    Can anyone of the Nationalist MPs insist on PQs regarding the total amounts including perks for whatever appointments, honoraria, etc regaled to each Labour MP since March 2013. It would be interesting to compare to the infamous €500 fil-gimgha.

    • A Camilleri says:

      The infamous €500 fil gimgha were already justified by the simultaneous reduction and consolidation of ministries and related expenses.

  2. Rosie says:

    The infamous €500 fil-gimgha is chicken feed compared to what these bastards are shoveling into their pockets.

  3. ninu says:

    X’ ma johrogx ghonqu ghal partit Robert Abela, ghandhom x’ jitilfu jekk ma jitlax il PL.

  4. zarzar says:

    ARMs who actively discriminate against non homeowners and other nationalities through the discriminatory tariff scheme. ARMs who seem to be very unwilling to make any changes to it, at the benefit of dodgy landlords.

  5. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    No wonder Robert Abela and his wife render themselves members of the loud beagan Labour brigade when they deliver speeches full of bile against all that is Nationalist. Greed for easy money in un mondo di ladri.

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