First Maltese case of media freedom violation reported to Council of Europe Platform for the Protection of Journalism, by European Federation of Journalists: Chris Cardona freezing my bank accounts

Published: February 9, 2017 at 11:49pm

The European Federation of Journalists has reported on the use by Malta’s Minister of the Economy of precautionary warrants to freeze my bank accounts.

The EFJ is Europe’s largest organisation of journalists, with 71 associations representing 320,000 journalists in 43 countries.

The federation’s general secretary, Ricardo Gutiérrez, said today: “Daphne Caruana Galizia is facing blatant harassment and intimidation. The financial consequence of  the legal action against her is totally disproportionate”.

The European Federation of Journalists will submit the case to the Council of Europe Platform for the Protection of Journalism, saying that it will be the first Maltese case of violation of media freedom reported on the Platform.

  • maltinglix

    Please take this as a compliment. At times like these, I honestly think you are our last man standing.

  • Winston Smith

    The more they tighten their grip to hide the truth the more the it will slip through their fingers. Keep strong, Daphne, and the truth will prevail.

  • My first thought was what hell he must have put his wives through, and is probably still doing it. My gender plays a significant role in this, and make no mistake about it.

    • A. Cremona

      And the embarrassment he’s caused his children with his brothel visits and general lifestyle. Did you say wives, in the plural?

      • Yes, there have been two. The first one has just been appointed to the Lands Authority and the second one, who is Ukranian, works for an estate agent.

  • Sowxal

    Dana Farrugia is all over social media trying to pretend she is blase’ about all this. Not being terribly intelligent, she thinks she is not being obvious in her adulation of her Ministru.

    Never mind that her husband seems to think he had a lot to do with the marriage break up. #notaverybrightgirl

    • Melissa

      She’s probably trying very hard to become Wife Number Three, or close.

  • Blackarrow

    Contribution made. This country will not be allowed to reach gutter level because of a clique of amoral scoundrels.

    If we all hold firm and refuse to be intimidated Malta will gradually be returned to a country which is respected, not only internationally but by ourselves first and foremost.

  • cockneyrebel

    Taht il-Labour tisthi li tkun Laburist ukoll.

  • cockneyrebel

    Own up Mr. PM. Be a man for once in your political voyage so far.

  • A cabinet minister who visits a brothel with his policy aide – even at home in his own country, let alone while abroad on government business as the guest of a foreign government – is not “private life”.

    “Private life” is what goes on between you and your spouse or children. Private life is what happens in your home.

  • He reminds me a lot of Saviour Balzan. Very similar personality and facial expression, and identical pathologically fixated attitude in my regard.

  • The magician

    Nahseb aktar tal-Labour ghax jobzqu fl-arja u jigi f wicchom. Just clueless.