Corrupt Phyllis Muscat’s abusively-appointed daughter preaches about Ann Fenech and pastizzi

Published: February 6, 2017 at 11:38am

Michaela Muscat is disingenuously quoted in this article in LovinMalta, in which she is presented as an ordinary member of the public expressing her outrage at Ann Fenech’s misjudged remarks about Muscat and the way he took three prime minister to his crony’s pastizzi bar.

But LovinMalta should have told its readers who Michael Muscat is, so that they are able to put not just the story into context, but also form an opinion about her extraordinary brass neck, commenting about Ann Fenech and her remarks about the Prime Minister’s pastizz when she is the recipient of a corrupt appointment as both her parents have been.

Michaela Muscat was corruptly appointed to a Transport Malta position at the Malta High Commission in London, where she has lived for the last few years.

Her father Paul Muscat was appointed to the board of Transport Malta, the very same organisation which took a decision to put his daughter on the payroll so that she could carry on living in London without having to find a job there like everybody else.

And her mother is the infamous Phyllis Muscat, who hosts the Prime Minister and Mrs Muscat on her boat on summer weekends, operates in tandem with his chief of staff Keith Schembri, is appointed chairman of the organising committee for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015 when all she has ever done is sell creams and potions, and acquires a host of other appointments and inside-information business deals through her friendship with the PM and Schembri.

And while Phyllis Muscat was busy networking in her official CHOGM position, she networked her daughter Michaela into a Commonwealth job in London – in other words, she used her government position in Malta to acquire advantages for her daughter in another country. And she did so again when Michaela’s Commonwealth contract ended, this time with the government of Malta.

These frauds mouth off about the assumed privileges of the bourgeoisie or “the elite” – for all the world as though they are not the perfect expression of an abusive elite themselves – and then they behave exactly like the pre-War Establishment, using their connections to power to acquire unfair, corrupt and abusive advantages for themselves and their families, at the expense of others.

Better Ann Fenech and her attitude towards a sheet of pastry wrapped around a lump of ricotta than Michaela, Phyllis and Paul Muscat and the corrupt plots they hatch to gain undeserved advantage for themselves through their cronies in the elected government.

One thing you can’t say about Ann Fenech, Michaela, is that she got her job(s) by having her mummy make corrupt use of her very close friendship with the prime minister. Imissek tistħi, ipokrita – lanqas għadek bdejt fil-ħajja u diga korrotta bħal ommok.

What are you going to do when mummy’s close friend and travelling companion is no longer the prime minister? Make sure they give you a permanent government position before they get voted out ħalli tibqa tisloħ minn fuq dahar il-poplu sa kemm tmut?

Gejja bil-haute bourgeoisie u l-petit bourgeoisie – imn’alla beħħiet ftit face cream ommok biex sirtu nies u xtrajtu yacht biex toqgħodu ddawru l-prim ministru u dik il-mara li għandu madwar Kemmuna ħalli tkunu tistgħu titħanzru kemm tistgħu f’jobs u kuntratti. Kemm għandek arja u kemm m’għandekx b’xhiex tagħmilha.

Sorry about that, readers, but I thought I had better speak to Michaela Muscat in a language her mother can understand should she wish to take a brief break from scheming with the Prime Minister and his chief of staff for ‘business opportunities’ and positions for herself, jobs for her daughter and board appointments for her husband.