Defy Chris Cardona. Donate here to foil his dastardly plan.

Published: February 9, 2017 at 2:51pm

Chris Cardona, the Minister for the Economy who is also deputy leader of the Labour Party, and his policy officer Joe Gerada, have used questionable legal methods to have my bank accounts frozen with a claim for Eur47,000.

These ‘precautionary warrants’ were filed even before I was formally notified of the four libel suits they have filed against me for reporting that they were at the FKK Acapulco Sauna Club in Velbert while on official business in Germany. I have still not yet been formally notified and so do not know on what basis they have sued.

When all hell broke loose yesterday evening as the news roared through the internet, David Thake rang and offered to start and manage a crowd-funding initiative which aims to raise the Eur47,000 which will be deposited in court to free up my bank accounts, and the cost of legal fees over the four civil suits. The money raised will pass straight to the lawyers who will make the necessary arrangements for the deposit in court. Any money not required will then be passed on to Dar Merhba Bik.

Please donate now and contribute your bit to making sure that they don’t get away with it. They’ve got away with far too much already. Click here to contribute.

  • Chris Galea

    I truly believe that Freezing your accounts will backfire badly for Muscat & Co.

    • Les Bonbons

      For sure. At work that’s what we were saying, even people who are not interested in politics were saying that Labour has opened a can of worms and this will cost them a LOT of votes.

  • Dear Lorry

    These people have crossed the line big time. They know no boundaries. Keep it up.

  • John Borg

    I am happily donating, but what if they just come and slap another 4 libel cases on you, then another 10, and so on? Can these bastards just keep using this dirty tactic to try and silence you again?

    How long before the bar is completely removed and they just do it to anyone who criticises them?

    • Yes, they can – and that’s exactly what they were planning to do until yesterday afternoon. But given the outcry over the first floor, I think even they now see it would be insane and suicidal to proceed.

  • Alex Mallia

    I have just donated. The Labour mob does not recognise Daphne Caruana Galizia as a journalist so consider this is a spiteful act against a private citizen.

  • Reader

    It’s all a tightly spun web. Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi can’t speak, because if they do they’d be forced to resign and consequently the owner of mysterious Egrant would also be forced to resign.

    Same goes for Chris HardOna Cardona and Joseph Garretta Gerada.

    Donate now and contribute your bit to making sure that they don’t get away with it. They’ve got away with far too much already.

    Click here to contribute –>>

  • Issa naraw

    Just did. This crappy country needs sorting out.

  • Issa naraw

    And they’ll soon call us traitors for calling this country crappy. It won’t even cross they’re mind that they’re making it so crappy. Rewind to the 80s. It’s happened.

    • Francis Saliba MD

      This whole country does not become crappy because its Labour Party VIPs are brazenly crappy.

  • Gozitan

    I am very proud to have donated to this important campaign.

  • Mandy Mallia

    There’s a protest / meeting (“Niddefendu l-liberta’ u d-demokrazija”) this Sunday at 10.30am near Fortizza at Ghar id-Dud, Sliema. The crowd will be addressed by Simon Busuttil.

    • Pappagallu

      The Cardona affair served for something: it served as a very loud “wake up” call.

  • Les Bonbons

    I donated just now. Donating is something I don’t do, but I can’t just sit here and see this serious threat to the freedom of speech and democracy go on and do nothing.

    These pigs need to be ousted from government, the sooner the better.

  • Xanthippe

    Done. Hope they are not idiotic enough to continue filing these cases. Wouldn’t underestimate their stupidity though.

  • Makjavel

    Did my bit, keep it coming. The pen is mightier than the axe.

    Up yours, Cardona.

  • james micallef

    Donated, and it’s a great pleasure to see the current amount already three quarters of the full amount in less than 24 hours.

    Legal question – can the precautionary warrants be revoked? Since you mention that you heard about them before you’ve even received the writ for libel, I assume that this order was issued without you having any legal representation before the judge who issued the order.

    • There is no need for representation before the judge/magistrate as that is a rubber-stamping procedure. But applying to have them revoked is more complicated.

      • Geoff1969

        Agreed Daphne but the court decision to accept the issuing of the warrants is very questionable.

        I would definitely suggest to go for the rikors revoka and fight it in court. In any case it will serve to show that you exhausted all remedies before proceeding elsewhere.

        Ultimately Cardona will be the loser. This is just bullying tactics. You make sure to keep the good work.

        Donated for the cause and for freedom of press!

  • Manuel Camilleri

    I have made my donation, and I feel honoured to have done so.

    I will not permit this government and his Naked Minister to silence the voice of freedom and the voice that represents us all.

    Go to hell, HardOna.

  • Manuel Camilleri

    I don’t even care if this government finds out that I have placed a donation. I am not scared of Labour. I will also declare that I made a donation on social media, so that I will make it easier for the government, and Bedingfield, to know that I have donated.

    They do not scare me. Let us not permit the government to use fear to suppress our freedom and to silence us. Never.

  • Linda Kveen

    Each time I think that members of the Labour government have sunk as low as they can, they manage to surprise me.

    Chris Cardona and Joe Gerada have crossed a line in the sand from which there is no return and which will ultimately lead to their downfall.

    Daphne, you have the respect, support and admiration of not only people in Malta but around the world. Happy to do my bit.

    They will not get away with it.

  • manifimx


  • Anthony T Mamo

    Mrs Caruana Galizia’s track record against Chris Cardona’s track record? Of course I have no doubt. I DO NOT BELIEVE CARDONA.

  • No. They have filed four libels suits, each with a precautionary warrant of around 11,800 euros. And Cardona told the press yesterday afternoon that he planned to file more. But I think he must have realised it’s not the best idea. The first four, however, still stand.

  • That’s just a rubber-stamp – all such requests go through then it’s up to the victim to contest them.

  • Yes, it’s optional. You can choose.

  • You really have your finger on the pulse of public opinion, don’t you.

  • Ck

    I have donated as a sign of gratitude for your hard work.

  • Joseph Fenech

    In his scrutiny of Chris Cardona’s official travelling expenses , the Auditor General highlighted not only the €750 drinking binge in one night at a Dubai hotel but also the unaccounted amount of hundreds of euros that Chris Cardona spent (without producing receipts) on an official visit to Ukraine. Was it spent on his entertainment? Worth investigating.

  • Rifless

    Done with pleasure and honour.

  • Georgoz

    Done and very happy to do it.

  • Paul Mifsud

    I donated, Chris Hardona. Fuck you, bastard.

  • Stephen Forster

    Put your name to your comment, wanker.

  • Stephen Forster

    Quisling, that’s what.

  • steve

    He’s a Labour government hostage.

  • A.Vella

    Those who live by the axe end up getting bobbited.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    First thing I did today, even before getting out of bed (thank God for smartphones), was contribute to the fund. I encourage everyone to contribute. Labour has reached another new low in their anti-democratic behaviour with Cardona’s and Gerada’s dastardly action.

  • muman

    Ms Caruana Galizia, can you arrange donation facility via mobile phone? Thanks

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Are you for real?

  • RF

    Probably on kneepads in front of a minister.

  • Alex

    Well done to David Thake for thinking about doing this and for organising it, and thank you Daphne for all the work and effort you put into this website at great personal expense.

  • saggio

    I did my part. Corrupt politicians will not win the game!

  • J. Vassallo

    Maybe also paypal – @ David Thake – can this be arranged?

  • Karl Flores

    U fuq liema numri nista nibghad jekk jghogbok

  • sopradodes

    To think that it is going to be you, Daphne, who will probably help us get rid of this government come next election. Also the rampant corruption will get the EU’s attention.

  • Gululu

    Donated with pleasure. Now let’s flood Saviour Balzan with precautionary warrants, just for kicks.

    • La Redoute

      That undermines your own cause.

  • Odyssey

    I did my duty and donated. Apart from defending the freedom of the press and Daphne Caruana Galizia’s freedom of expression, I also contributed to say f**k you to Chris Cardona and Saviour Balzan.

  • Camel

    Just donated. A throwback to my teenage years. Xoghol, gustizzja, liberta.

  • Eyewitnesses are the ultimate proof – even in criminal trials, let alone civil suits.

  • Melissa

    These two jerks are responsible for their reputation, not Daphne Caruana Galizia.

  • Yes, well, it’s not possible to live without a bank account, so no, that is not an option.

  • No, no PayPal.

  • John Paul Vella

    Did my bit, Daphne, and thank you.

  • Franco

    He’s got Cardona’s cock so far down his throat he can’t pop anything except his tonsils.

  • J Sammut

    $50,415 raised by 1,013 people in one day: 84% of the $60,000 goal.

  • Franz De Kock

    Done. $50,000 so far. Almost there.

  • U Le!

    Today at work I was approached by a close friend who always makes it a point to avoid discussing politics. This morning I was still wearing my wet rain jacket when he cornered me telling me how bad things are and how weak we Maltese are compared to Romanians. Well done, Minister Mannara. He who fights by the axe dies by the axe.

  • Chris Galea

    $50,670 in one day, and counting!

  • F. Fenech

    Watch it, he might enjoy it

  • r pace bonello

    Proud supporter of journalistic freedom.

  • Your comment and the thinking behind it are lamentable. It has been made clear already that any sum not required for the legal costs and 47,000-euro security deposit for these cases will be donated to Dar Merhba Bik, as will the security deposit itself if and when the warrants are revoked. It is a deserving cause to which nobody could possibly object.

  • L.Gatt

    Not even the Maltese electorate is that stupid. I am actually starting to feel quite confident that the Nationalist Party might actually win the next election. This government has taken “screwing up the country” to a whole different level.

  • Liberal

    This is not enough. You should file an equal number of libel cases against Cardona and set garnishee orders for the same amount.

    This would serve two purposes.

    1. Hit Cardona where it hurts (they are obsessed with money).

    2. Show the whole system for what it really is – ripe for abuse.

    As for the independent and Nationalist media, they should boycott the government and refuse to cover anything they do or say.

    This is war.

  • Joe Grech

    I don’t always agree with Daphne’s views and methods but this is something bigger so I have donated.

  • Ms Caruana Galizia’s strength of character and correctness have nothing to do with it.

    The money collected will be used to counter and nullify Cardona’s threat. It is a good thing.

    But I think that the money should also be used to help journalists do their duty without fear of reprisal.

  • The women it shelters have had far worse done to them, which is why they are there in the first place.