The Economy Minister and his policy officer plan to file more suits and garnishees next week

Published: February 11, 2017 at 2:12pm

The Economy Minister, Chris Cardona, and his EU presidency policy officer, Joe Gerada, are planning to file more civil suits for libel against me in the coming week, each one with a precautionary warrant for €11,850.

Cardona had said already, when the first four suits were filed a few days ago, that he planned to file “more” against me. The general public outcry which erupted since then will not be stopping his plans. Lawyers who spoke to me last night said that Cardona’s lawyer, Pawlu Lia, on Thursday responded to criticism of his actions by saying, “Dak mhu xejn. Il-ġimgħa d-dieħla ġejjin xeba kawzi u mandati oħrajn.”

He said that they would be filing up to 10 more precautionary warrants for a further €118,500, the purpose being to cripple me financially in retaliation for the next few years, even before I have been notified of the cases.

The multiple suits about the same story are a similar tactic, forcing me to fight up to 14 separate cases on the same story, besides paying thousands of euros in court fees at the outset merely to file 14 formal responses as a prerequisite to the cases being heard.

The Labour Party’s lead propagandist, Manuel Cuschieri, put up a Facebook post this morning in which he quotes the Economy Minister as saying sneeringly, “Let them collect money for her. Next week I’m going to hit her with one libel suit after another, each one with a precautionary warrant of €11,850.”

Unfortunately for the Economy Minister and his EU policy officer, people understand instinctively that these are not the actions of an innocent man who has been lied about, but quite the contrary. They are a manifestation of guilt and of absolute fear that unless they smash me down completely, what I reveal next will be their undoing.

Both the Economy Minister and his EU policy officer are now in a far worse position than they were two weeks ago when the reports about them were ‘merely’ that they had visited a brothel while on official business in Germany as guests of the German government. Now, piled on top of that, we have the far worse situation where they are lying to camera, lying on the record, lying to journalists, lying to electors and also trying to use any means they can to destroy the journalist who revealed the facts about their adventure.

I repeat: the Minister for the Economy and his EU policy officer, Joe Gerada, were at the FKK Acapulco on Monday, 30th January, between roughly 7pm and 10pm. There they showered, ate from the buffet, watched porn films and entered the same room with one female prostitute.