I’m watching the Minister of the Economy lying through his teeth on television

Published: February 15, 2017 at 9:46pm

The Minister for the Economy, who spent the evening of Monday, 30th January, in a brothel in Velbert, Germany, is currently lying through his teeth on Reno Bugeja’s TVM show, Dissett.

Except that his lies take a very interesting form. Instead of lying about where he was instead of where he really was, he says “It’s all lies”. Like other journalists, Bugeja tried to press him a little on where he was instead, and got the stock answer: “I’ll prove it in court.” And then in the next breath, the same reply he has given others: “I don’t have to prove anything. She does.”

I’m surprised nobody seems to have notice what’s going on here. He’s refusing to present his “proof” to the media in the here and now, says he will wait for the court cases and “prove” it under oath, but then says he doesn’t have to prove anything, because the burden of proof in libel cases is on the other party.

The most disgusting thing about Cardona is the way he uses his family, saying that he’s upset because he is a “missier ta’ familja”. He cannot possibly be serious. He has two sets of children and two ex-wives. He left the first one and the second threw him out, which is how he ended up in that Portomaso flat. He spends his afternoons at the Stable bar in Valletta with a bunch of shady men and tacky women. He spends his evenings in bars and his nights at Level 22 or Hugo’s Lounge, draped around women on the make and men who belong in a 1930s Chicago movie. His fascination with the sleazier side of Malta’s nightlife is well known. His interest in lap-dancing is legendary, as is his drinking.

He is a nightmare father for any child, and it is HE who is causing that and not the people who write about it. These blackguards come across as expecting to be able to do as they please and the people who write about it are the obstacles to that and must be got rid of.

The Minister for the Economy tells us that I damaged his reputation as a family man.