I’m watching the Minister of the Economy lying through his teeth on television

Published: February 15, 2017 at 9:46pm

The Minister for the Economy, who spent the evening of Monday, 30th January, in a brothel in Velbert, Germany, is currently lying through his teeth on Reno Bugeja’s TVM show, Dissett.

Except that his lies take a very interesting form. Instead of lying about where he was instead of where he really was, he says “It’s all lies”. Like other journalists, Bugeja tried to press him a little on where he was instead, and got the stock answer: “I’ll prove it in court.” And then in the next breath, the same reply he has given others: “I don’t have to prove anything. She does.”

I’m surprised nobody seems to have notice what’s going on here. He’s refusing to present his “proof” to the media in the here and now, says he will wait for the court cases and “prove” it under oath, but then says he doesn’t have to prove anything, because the burden of proof in libel cases is on the other party.

The most disgusting thing about Cardona is the way he uses his family, saying that he’s upset because he is a “missier ta’ familja”. He cannot possibly be serious. He has two sets of children and two ex-wives. He left the first one and the second threw him out, which is how he ended up in that Portomaso flat. He spends his afternoons at the Stable bar in Valletta with a bunch of shady men and tacky women. He spends his evenings in bars and his nights at Level 22 or Hugo’s Lounge, draped around women on the make and men who belong in a 1930s Chicago movie. His fascination with the sleazier side of Malta’s nightlife is well known. His interest in lap-dancing is legendary, as is his drinking.

He is a nightmare father for any child, and it is HE who is causing that and not the people who write about it. These blackguards come across as expecting to be able to do as they please and the people who write about it are the obstacles to that and must be got rid of.

The Minister for the Economy tells us that I damaged his reputation as a family man.

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  1. Spock says:

    What a revolting man. His bare-faced lies might make us mad now, but the truth will come out and his fall will be of biblical proportions .

    JAQQ .

  2. C. G says:

    Bl-alcohol li ghandu go fih f’dan ir -ritratt, nahseb kien jixhel il-power station ghal sena.

    Zona Xengell.

  3. r jones says:

    Corruption and an attack on freedom of speech are two strong reasons to attend next Sunday’s demonstration. I have my own third reason for attending: the decadent lifestyle of government minister Cardona. As a Maltese citizen, I do not want this piece of s*** to represent my country on the international stage.

  4. Major Tom says:

    Now that the Minister for Economy has declared himself a family man, I can finally understand how Michael (of Amanda) was appointed Minister for the Family. I think that the word ‘family’ has been re-defined. In a cabinet reshuffle, Hardona should be made Minister for the Family. It would be a natural progression.

  5. I Love Malta says:

    The way they all sail through the thick quagmire of crud is just gobsmacking. It runs off them like water off a duck’s back.

  6. Roberto Rizzo says:

    Probably he’s hiding in the sewers, where he belongs.

  7. Roberto Rizzo says:

    If Daphne sues him back for calling her a liar and defaming her brilliant work, he will be the one to pay.

  8. Francis Saliba MD says:

    “I don’t have to prove anything. She does.” (Chris Cardona)

    No, sir. YOU and your companion in distress are the ones making the libel accusation. YOU have to prove it.

    And the longer you delay answering by the unconvincing silly ploy, “Not now – some time later, in the future, in court, if it ever reaches that stage” the more the intelligent part of the electorate will conclude that you have something to hide and that you dread that evil day.

  9. Francis Saliba MD says:

    Intelligent politicians are wise enough, when they are in trouble, to resign early in the sordid game instead of digging themselves, and their party, deeper into the filth.

    It is called “damage limitation”. If they are too drunk to realise it by themselves their party boss would insist that they leave before they wreck the party (provided always that the boss is not himself in a hole just as deep if not deeper).

  10. Cabinet ministers are not permitted to do any other work. And yes, he should most definitely be investigated on sources of income, though of course his own personal economy might well be cash-driven.

  11. Evarist Saliba says:

    And yet, this is the person that the Labour Party saw fit to elect as their deputy leader. He is the epitome of the values of the party. A family man, my foot. A family man is not one who produces children, but one who believes in the value of a good family, protects his spouse and children and gives them a good example.

  12. One of them has just been appointed a member of the new Lands Authority, so the odds of her speaking up against a government minister, even if she was married to him and has his children, are quite small.

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