He looks even worse now that Juergen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca have been arrested and charged

Published: February 14, 2017 at 5:06pm

  • strakarpet

    Tinkwieta xejn. We have di bast prison in Jurip.

  • Claire Portelli

    Any chance the Egrant owner will be revealed following their arrest?

    • Mike Wagstaff

      No. For a start the police have not even considered an investigation. Other institutions which might investigate have been taken over and the government is certainly not going to request information.

      Even in the unlikely event that the Panama authorities scrapped their present secrecy laws they are not going to volunteer information which has not been asked for by their Maltese counterparts.

  • RIP

    Bil-Malti… qabar imbajjad.

  • AD

    Yes, I think he looks very sick.

  • rita schembri

    The only thing that came out of Trump’s mouth recently that made sense is that waterboarding should be used. Forget the guillotine, that’s too easy and plus it cuts the all important vocal chords.

  • Spock

    They probably already did , and if not , it will come out when their confiscated computers are examined .

    • rita schembri

      Muscat knows their Doomsday clock is counting down at an accelerated rate. All we need now is a promise of building larger prison when the Nationalists are back in government.

    • pronoia

      The worst thing is, he can’t even escape anymore to Panama, his only options are China, Azerbaijan or Dubai.

  • C. G

    Min jaf? Forsi jkun I-izghar prim ministru li qatt mar il-habs.

    • Silvermisty

      Izghar zgur becuase he keeps shrinking. His head is hinging rather precariously on his spine.

    • sopradodes

      No politician went to jail in Malta and no politician will ever go. Dr Busuttil will be just like the others, just talk..

  • Eddie Preston

    Four years on, is our PM still wearing the same tie?

  • il-Ginger

    Smeagle turning into Gollem

    • pete ross

      And don’t forget his chief orc, aka The Gland.

    • Silvermisty


  • Daniel Borg

    Time for plan B….the Muscat vanishing act?

  • Globetotter

    We need to be relentless in warning the public that Muscat will be trying to ‘buy’ back votes at the next budget. We must continue to drive home all these scandals continuously and incessantly In concert with the Christmas budget.

  • rita schembri

    Think positive. The promise of prison time will win an election. It worked for Donald Trump but this time it could be real.

  • Franġiska

    L-aktar jekk jispiccaw jaharbu u hadd ma jinduna jekk jaraw li gejja hazin.

  • Silvermisty

    A fake tan like Berlusconi and Trump will fix it. He has emulated them in every way so far. Why not copy the fake tan as well? Fake tan, fake news – but real Panama companies.

  • Eddie Preston

    He occupies the top post in Malta so he should really mind what he wears. A government of trolls from A to Z.