Luciano Busuttil: a bogan’s (failed) revenge

Published: February 8, 2017 at 1:08pm

You would, of course, expect a Labour MP and crony who vacuums up government direct orders, a car and chauffeur, a job for his wife, disabled parking perks for his non-disabled wife, and a corrupt appointment to the chairmanship of a state council, to abuse of his seat in parliament to try to get back at a journalist who scrutinises his corruption.

So this comes as no surprise, though it further confirms how unfit for purpose this tacky bogan is. After my revelations about his wife’s illegitimate use of disabled-parking privileges, Luciano Busuttil asked the Home Affairs Minister formally in parliament whether “there is anybody in Bidnija who has a fixed-point police officer” (at their home).

How I laughed at the idiot, who has internalised his own corrupt party’s lying propaganda. The Home Affairs Minister was forced to answer, blowing their propaganda lies out of the air: NO, THERE ISN’T.

I can give an even more specific answer: that the only times we had a police officer at our gate between nightfall and dawn only and for just a few weeks was when our house was set on fire (not the front door, but the actual house) by anti-immigrant racists 11 years ago, when I received a death threat during the general election campaign nine years ago, and again seven years ago when I made revelations about Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera which the then Police Commissioner thought put me at serious risk from individuals associated with her.

In all cases, I couldn’t wait to get rid of them. We had to keep the blinds down at night because some of them walked round the house looking in as it was their only entertainment. Some of them were so young and so exposed out there at night that I spent my time worrying about them – like the young girl officer who couldn’t have been more than 18 and who spent the night out totally exposed. We gave her a car to sit in, and knew that if anything happened it would have been us protecting her and not the other way round.

When, in the last general election, the Police Commissioner wanted to have security put at our gate again for the duration – given that Labour were definitely going to be elected and it was assumed I would be an immediate target – I my foot down and said, forget it. No way. I’m not going to put up with that again. Nobody can get anywhere near the house anyway because of the mastiff. He insisted and I refused, and as it happened the only harassment I got was on the eve of polling day from the police themselves.

Now this is a message to Luciano Busuttil and other bogans like him: you think having a policeman at your gate for security purposes is a status symbol and a privilege. That’s because you’re a bogan. Non-bogans don’t need status symbols and we don’t want them. Nor do we think that a policeman at the gate is a status symbol.

We also value our privacy and the last thing we want is a sentry at our gate who doesn’t actually work for the household as a loyal retainer, but instead works for the police. Similarly, we would also rather die than use a disabled parking badge unless we were severely crippled and had nobody else to drive us about. And if we were ever thought to have been using a disabled-parking badge when we are not disabled, we would die of shame.

You are a bogan and you have the values and standards of a bogan. Deal with it. No amount of corruption in getting yourself direct orders and council chairmanships is ever going to undo your bogan status or bogan attitude. And if you and your wife so badly want what you call, in bogan fashion “a fixed point” outside your door in wherever it is you live, I’m quite sure you can swing that like you swung all those other corrupt perks for yourself.