Malta IT Law Association: Government’s bill to control the internet is “a serious threat” and a “perverse affront” to the freedom of citizens

Published: February 16, 2017 at 9:12pm

The Malta IT Law Association issued a statement this evening saying that the government’s bill to change laws governing the press and the internet is “a serious threat to internet freedoms”.

The statement says: “The proposed nebulous law presents a perverse affront to basic online rights and the ability of citizens to use the Internet as a tool to exercise free speech.”

If you are reading this on your phone, click here to read the statement in PDF format: MITLA – Statement -Media and Defamation Act – 16022017 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

  • may borg

    “the introduction of the new civil tort of slander, and the regulation of web-based news and current affairs services”

    Current affairs services – the cherry on the cake.

  • Joe Fenech

    The People’s Republic of Malta.

    • Nemusa

      The People’s DEMOCRATIC Republic of Malta.

  • NIN

    In-nejka li hafna minn dawk li se jivvutaw Labour ma jafux jaqraw (u jiktbu) u allura din il-ligi ma taffetwahomx wisq. Jahasra, kieku jafu jaqraw u jifhmu x’inhu jintqal, ma jivvutawx Labour u nsolvu l-problemi kollha.

    • callixtus

      Their children may have gone to school and university, become literate and obtained their degrees but most of them have remained as ignorant and brainwashed as their parents.

      • Nemusa

        Mules trussed up in the trappings of a thoroughbred racehorse.

  • Sun Tzu

    Is this surprising from the political party which spawned the infamous “Foreign Interference” Act? The leopard’s spots should now be visible even to the blind.

  • karen micallef

    This is worse than not being allowed to name your newspaper In-Nazzjon Taghna and having to hide it and not take it to public places such as the hospital.

    Thirty years and we regress instead of progress. Such a terrible shame and so scary.

  • Andrew Mizzi

    “The Great Firewall of Malta”

    If Labour stay in power for another term, we Maltese will end up accessing websites through proxies like they do in China.

  • Catsrbest

    I think you are assuming that these people have principles and spines. Do not get your hopes too high – you might be highly disappointed.

  • No, it was drafted by Stefan Frendo.

    • Tabatha_White

      We can see where they’re coming from, where they’ve been and where they’re going.

  • Brian Sinclair

    Why are you surprised? Labour party never changes. The problem is ingrained. Back to Mintoff’s days all over again. Malta finds itself back to square one and will take another massive effort to return to normality. These people have now infiltrated the institutions. Roadmap.

  • H.P. Baxxter

    Actually, the majority of today’s electorate were in tertiary education before 1971.

  • H.P. Baxxter

    Er, was there ever any other stuff?

    • Ruth Bonnici

      Nope, not really. I am just exasperated. Can’t take them any more.

  • Yes, he was so upset that he retaliated by posting a picture of me taken by a Far Right racist at the Ta’ Qali market, when I stopped to film their obscene insults against ‘foreigners’.

  • r jones

    Careful. never underestimate Labour. There needs to be more vociferous support of the PN as the only political force that can rid us of Muscat, and that includes attending to next Sunday’s demonstration.

  • NIN

    Jien ghandi rispett kbir lejn in-nies li semmejt inti, u ma nqisx bniedem illetterat bhala bniedem injorant. Pero diga smajt nies Laburisti illitterati jitkellmu fuq din il-ligi (li ma taffetwahomx ghax ma jafux jiktbu) qishom xi avukati specjalizzati fl-Internet u fid-drittijiet tal-liberta tal-kelma. Ghal dawk qed nghid mhux ghan-nies li ghixu kif setaw fit Tieni Gwerra.

  • Saskia

    Would we need to register too, to be able to comment?

  • R.Cassar

    Meta tisma’ fuq l-indhil tar-Russi waqt li kienet ghaddejja kampanja elettorali f’ diversi pajjizi tibda tahseb x’ kien ghaddej Malta minn wara l-kwinti.

    X’kien miftiehem mac-Cina waqt li l-Labour kienu ghadhom fl-Oppozizzjoni? Tghid li kien hemm xi forma ta’ ghajnuna qabel l-elezzjoni?

    Ghalfejn tant habi fejn jidhlu kuntratti li ntrabat bihom il-gvern ghal numru tas-snin. Fejn hi t-trasparenza u l-kontabilta’?

    Mhux ta’ b’xejn hatfu l-istituzzjonijiet tal-pajjiz f’morsa.