When a newspaper owner doesn’t mind if his journalists are personally exposed to having their bank accounts frozen

Published: February 14, 2017 at 1:31pm

Saviour Balzan, who owns 50% of Media Today, publishers of Malta Today and Illum, has tweeted his objections to the Opposition’s move in parliament yesterday to disallow precautionary warrants for civil suits filed under the Press Act.

He is so keen to have the Minister for the Economy and his EU presidency policy officer slap as many precautionary warrants on me as they can, and for my bank account to stay frozen for years, that he is willing to have himself and his journalists exposed permanently to the risk of having their personal bank accounts frozen by anybody who gets the same idea, several times over.

I’m sure his journalists are not too thrilled at his behaviour. His personal animosity towards me (which is not reciprocated, as no matter what he might think, I am completely indifferent towards him though I regard his enduring pathological obsession with curiosity) is already handicapping his ability to pursue the big news stories of the day. All his staff need now is to have him fight against the amendment to the law on the grounds that I will benefit from it, even though they will too and so will he.

When I revealed that Konrad Mizzi has a company in Panama and a trust in New Zealand, Saviour Balzan rushed to stick up for him, seeing him as my victim and identifying with him as a fellow victim of ‘the queen of bile’. When I revealed that Keith Schembri has the same set-up, Malta Today didn’t go after him and Balzan saw him as another victim of the ‘hate blogger’.

When I revealed that Adrian Hillman, then managing director of the publisher of the Times of Malta and The Sunday Times, is networked financially with the Prime Minister’s chief of staff through companies they both own in the British Virgin Islands, Saviour Balzan went nuts sticking up for him. He’s still doing so today. And that’s another story his staff can’t cover, though it’s a massive one of serious public interest (and public concern).

When I revealed that somebody I know saw the Minister for the Economy and his EU presidency policy officer in a ‘men’s sauna club’ in Germany on the night of Monday, 30th January, Saviour Balzan went on the rampage defending them both and fighting their corner like a PR consultant. They’re the victims of the ‘queen of bile’, you see, just as he was. So he sees himself as leading the Association of Creepy and/or Corrupt Male Victims of the Queen of Bile.

And not content with avoiding pursuit of the real stories because of his pathological fixation, he now wants to stop parliament amending the law in a way that will protect us all, and not just me, from extreme abusive action by malicious people like his friends in politics.