You would think they would have evolved over the last 30 years, but no, they haven’t

Published: February 11, 2017 at 2:52pm

There’s more and worse all over Facebook. If ever you were in any doubt that you don’t live in a normal society, register the fact that this is what people do to journalists who expose corrupt politicians: they target the journalists and not the politicians, and set them up as figures of hate.

The vote of a primitive person is equal to that of anyone else, and because of this democratic fact we must remain ever vigilant and fight ignorance every step of the way, bearing in mind always that literate people can be among the most ignorant because literacy is no bar to the total absence of analytical skills and knowledge about what is normal in the civilised world.

The fundamental basis of Maltese society is not European – you have to remember that at all times if you are to try to make any sense of how these islands fail to function normally.

Schooling has left deep-rooted primitive attitudes and thinking completely untouched.

Setting a journalist up as a figure of hate is deliberate – it is done to undermine their message, enabling corrupt politicians to warp the perception of what they write and report about them. This signals to anybody outside the country, who lives in a relatively normal society, that Malta is primitive and that certain basic concepts of journalism, free speech, and the different roles of politicians and journalists in a democratic society are simply not understood.

The fascinating thing is that they accuse me of “spreading hatred” by writing about politicians, when their own hatred for me is so manifest that you can feel it coming off them in waves.