Top Valletta restaurant now offers a “seasonal pizza” called the FKK Acapulco

Published: February 5, 2017 at 7:38pm

Margo’s, the well-known Valletta restaurant noted for its pizza, is now promoting on its street-side blackboard a variety of “seasonal” pizza called the FKK Acapulco – also known as “tal-beżżul” (“the unlucky bastard”, because he got caught).

It’s advertised as “Hot, camouflaged, spicy and can be shared. Once you have it, everyone at home will find out about it”.

Margo’s restaurant is on Republic Street, a couple of doors down from the Grandmaster’s Palace, near the Chamber of Commerce and Lombard Bank.

Chef-patron Claude Camilleri has spoken about it to LovinMalta. “I was watching the whole thing unfolding and all I could think to myself was: dude, just admit it and get on with it. You cannot deny the truth,” he said. “We wanted to take the piss out of the guy, not so much for going there but for denying it.” He also told LovinMalta that he’ll give 10% of the proceeds from orders of the pizza FKK Acapulco “to those who cannot only not afford a prostitute but not even some food on their table”.

  • Ramon Garcia

    Hilarious and gutsy.

  • Bohemian

    Margo’s will not have any dignitaries coming in with Joseph Muscat for a pizza paid from government coffers. That is for sure.

  • Jimmy Better

    I’m in.

  • Antoine Vella

    This is where Muscat should have taken his foreign guests. They would have had a funny story to tell about Malta and Maltese politicians when they got back home.

  • canon


  • Matthew

    This is a good marketing strategy to keep away all cheap and bogan customers.

  • Mark Cilia Vincenti

    Does it come with free cold water?

  • Christopher Xuereb

    The source did say he was within six feet of the culprits (lame but, alas, the temptation was too great).