30% say that corruption is their topmost concern

Published: March 20, 2017 at 10:50pm

Malta Today reports on its survey which shows that for 30% of the electorate, corruption is the topmost issue of concern. Think that’s too little, do you? Well, if Maltese people were Danish people, then it would be. But if Maltese people were Danish people, then we wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place.

Thirty per cent is actually extraordinarily high for Malta. Lawrence Gonzi’s government is supposed to have been voted out because of corruption. Think €400 Maltese clock and a trip on a private plane to watch a football match – with the individuals to whom THIS government gave a power station deal and is planning to give permits for five skyscrapers.

But the same Malta Today report says that in the years 2008 to 2013, concern about corruption never went beyond 3%. Now it’s 30% – from 3% to 30% in just four years of this country being run by Joseph Muscat and his bandits.

  • J. Vella

    Korrotti u kriminali daqs il-Mafia. Muscat malinn tant li jipprova jhammeg lil Busuttil. Hafna pero jhossu li Busuttil kien kapaci jieqaf lil Mafia Maltija waqt li Muscat hu parti minnha.

  • Philip

    “Min ma jiggilidx il-KORRUZZJONI huwa KORROTT ukoll” – Eddie Fenech Adami

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5ad4b5c750c076af79395a4d9edd14bd715c06c20665a582d32ec7d261a54264.jpg .

  • canon

    Il-ħaxi f’Malta taraħ u tmissu b’idejk.

  • Tabatha_White

    Can the electorate define corruption in the first place? The problem must lie there.

    To most, the definition of business and corruption is the same.

    Haxi is the replacement of the trust factor.

    That is how the incapable do business. The message came through under Mintoff and continued replicating.

    • T Brincat

      I’ve known even happy clappers justify wrongdoing by saying “that’s business”.

      • Tabatha_White

        The one subject highlight of discussions between Merkel and Trump were apprenticeships. I thought it would be the case. Key, in what is being overlooked.

  • Sandro G.

    L-aqwa li we are 27th in the 2017 World Happiness survey (Norway is top). Nisperaw li l-istatistika msemmiija f’dan l-artiklu taqbez il-50% sa ftit xhur ohra.

  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    Wouldn’t surprise me if in their eyes 30% is not that high.

  • Makjavel

    Look at it the other way round, and it is very worrying. 70% do not care a hoot or are more bothered by traffic and parking than they are by all this dangerous corruption.

    I bet half of those 70% would love to make money out of the corruption system, and will vote for it to get their chance.

  • J Sammut

    “with the individuals to whom THIS government gave a power station deal and is planning to give permits for five skyscrapers.”

    Hindsight tells me that Tonio Fenech’s private jet plane trip to watch the Arsenal match was a frame-up schemed at the fourth floor of the Labour Headquarters.

    • It was originally meant to be the prime minister, Lawrence Gonzi. He turned down the invitation and Tonio Fenech went instead at his suggestion . This was never explained but I heard Fenech say this under oath while I happened to be waiting in court for another case.

      • T Brincat

        At whose suggestion? Gonzi or Fenech’s?

      • J Sammut

        This is a scoop. It strengthens my theory.

        Gonzi was targeted for this entrapment and the Super One reporters were at the ready “Kumbinazzjoni”.

        There were really some cunning schemers on the fourth floor of Labour HQ.

        This election campaign will get DIRTY.

  • Antoine Vella

    To the 30.1% who have mentioned corruption as a major concern, another 4,5% have listed the Panama Papers, which are closely linked, Taken together, they make up 34.6%; more than a third of the Maltese.

    Labour trolls are furious with James Debono for publishing the survey.

  • Ann Vella

    Playing a double game!

  • Mariella Darmanin

    While doing research on something completely different, I stumbled across this letter to the editor of the Times, dated 1st September 1986. And incredibly, more than 30 years on, things are actually worse. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/733cc40465abe2ea4670225558a425ed59070bcd133409f913a06d586062a0b4.jpg