Four years later: where is Audrey Harrison?

Published: March 2, 2017 at 9:02pm

Audrey Harrison was all over the Labour Party’s billboards in the 2013 general election campaign, telling us to vote Labour for a better environment. But she has since vanished from public view and nobody thinks to ring her for her comments when one environmental/planning issue crops up after another.

But we should ring her. And given her commitment in the electoral campaign, she’s obliged to answer.

What does Audrey Harrison think about all those skyscraper plans? What does she think about Zonqor Point and the Jordanian University of Baksheesh?

What does she think about the LNG tanker in Marsaxlokk, where she lives? What does she think about all the planning permits granted on appeal in the last four years?

What does she think about the plans for the destruction of St George’s Bay by Labour Party donor Silvio Debono, and about the Nationalist Party’s failure to scream ‘corruption’ on this matter because it too is compromised on the matter of Debono?

And what does she think about the traffic chaos and the car fumes that are polluting our lungs?