Noddy and his mates give Silvio Debono public land for just €15m and now they want to change the subject

Published: March 20, 2017 at 10:34pm

You know things are getting serious when the government wheels out Noddy, minus Big Ears and his little yellow car.

“We’re running out of ammo, chaps! What to do now?”

“U dak ibgħat lil Owen ħalli joqgħod jkellimhom b’dak il-vuċi ta’ patri.”

I mean, really – these people are unbelievable. They give that shark Silvio Debono a large chunk of public land in a prime area by the sea, on which to build flats, for just €15 million, only €5 million of which he will have to pay up front and the other €10 million in staggered interest-free instalments over seven years, and to distract attention from this scandalous fact, they have unleashed a wall of noise about the paltry €70,000 which that same shark gave the Nationalist Party.

Now the Justice and Culture Minister is at it too – because Silvio Debono is all about justice and culture, isn’t he, so he fits right in to Owen Bonnici’s portfolio.

What should we be scandalised about, Noddy – that Silvio Debono gave the Nationalist Party €70,000, or that the Labour Party gave Silvio Debono PUBLIC land worth €200 million for €5 million down and €10 million interest-free over seven years?

What’s the biggest scandal – that Silvio Debono gave the Nationalist Party €70,000, or that he is already selling, in Cannes and Malta, flats outside the zoning area for that kind of construction, and giving all signs he is confident that the government which gave him the land will also give him planning permission?

I can tell you one thing for certain, Noddy – that Janice of yours is going to have a hard time flying a drone over Silvio’s tower. Not that she’d want to, of course. Perhaps he has offered her a consultancy job already, as he has done over the years with so many other people in the media and politics.