BREAKING/Muscat to announce “massive and dangerous” tax-cuts

Published: April 28, 2017 at 2:48pm

Informed sources have told this website that the Prime Minister will announce “massive and dangerous” tax cuts across the board when he begins his electoral campaign next week.

Plans for these tax cuts began some weeks ago but have been the subject of internal discord because they are “completely unsustainable”. One government source said: “Muscat is determined to go ahead, and our only hope if that happens is that the European Commission will block them. These tax cuts, coupled with the rising burdens put on the public sector payroll, will drive Malta into bankruptcy the likes of which we have already seen with Greece.”

Another source said: “The Prime Minister is fighting for his survival and doesn’t care if he takes the country’s economy down with him. All that he can focus on now is being re-elected to save himself, his energy minister and his chief of staff from a proper police and fiscal investigation which will almost certainly culminate in prosecution.”

This website has no details of how and which taxes will be slashed, and by how much, but the source said: “Rates are not being merely cut. They’re being slashed, and right across the board. We’re not talking of government revenue falling by tens of millions as a result, but by hundreds of millions. The government’s ability to sustain public services will be severely compromised. The short-termism is literally frightening: the country’s future is being put on the line so that one man can save himself.”

The Prime Minister (centre), seen here with his aide Glenn Bedingfield (left) will announce “massive and dangerous” tax cuts across the board as a campaign measure to seek re-election.