Castille criminal gang launches assault on Pilatus whistleblower to protect Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat

Published: April 29, 2017 at 12:41pm

An intense assault began last night against the Pilatus Bank whistle-blower who put herself forward yesterday to testify before the inquiring magistrate.

All proceedings of the inquiry take place behind closed doors and nothing may be disclosed, including the identity of those who testify.

Pilatus Bank, however, knows who she is and has disclosed her identity to the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, a close associate of the bank’s owner, Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad. This fact was immediately apparent to me when I saw the Prime Minister’s facial expression of smug nastiness as he left the Labour Party’s television studio and was questioned by journalists yesterday.

Schembri communicated the identity of the whistleblower to Saviour Balzan of Illum/Malta Today and to Glenn Bedingfield, both of whom began writing against her on social media last night. This morning, the Labour Party media began their campaign of assault.

More shockingly still, this morning the same criminal sources at the Office of the Prime Minister gave details about the whistleblower, including her name, to Kurt Sansone – a Labour-sympathising reporter working for the Times of Malta who is known to be close to the Castille inner circle, despite his not being on duty today.

Sansone wrote from home the one-sided story fed to him by the Pilatus Bank/Castille inner circle without seeking further clarification, and without even seeking confirmation on the whistleblower’s identity, and it was published as a precise replica of the stories being broadcast by the Labour Party and other Keith-Schembri-friendly media.

I immediately rang the Times of Malta and made the point that when criminals in the Office of the Prime Minister feed them a story the sole purpose of which is to attack, frighten and destroy somebody who was brave enough to testify AGAINST THEM in an inquiry THEY CALLED FOR THEMSELVES, then THAT is the story. And it’s a major one.

The story here is not who the whistleblower is, but that the Prime Minister’s criminal inner circle are themselves going all out to harm a witness in an inquiry into THEIR shady affairs. This is a phenomenal abuse of power and we should speak up against it.

It shows not only how desperate Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Brian Tonna and Joseph Muscat are, but also their criminal inclinations and their total disregard for the standards they are supposed to uphold in their various positions.

The Prime Minister is using his aides and his party media to violate the confidentiality of an inquiry which he himself asked for, and to attack and try to discredit a witness – whose position is imperilled enough as it is – who is a key source of information against him and his henchmen.

The Nationalist Party this morning held a press conference and called for the whistleblower’s protection, saying how shameful it is that she is being targeted in this disgusting manner.