Police Minister admits giving €1.04 million contract by direct order to Liam Ferriggi, 31

Published: April 4, 2017 at 11:18pm

Carmelo Abela, Minister for the Police and Prisons, was forced to admit in Parliament yesterday evening – in response to a question by Shadow Minister Jason Azzopardi – that last December his office gave a contract of €1.04 million (VAT included) by direct order for work on a new IT network at Corradino Prisons.

Abela’s office gave another contract by direct order, this time for €42,008 (VAT included) to the same company, for the provision of equipment with which to record interrogations at eight police stations.

The company was not named in parliament, but this website can reveal that it is Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd, incorporated seven years ago with share capital of €1,500 and registered at 11 Zingla Street, Zabbar.  

It is wholly owned by one Liam Ferriggi, 31, who is also the legal and judicial representative, company secretary, and a director. There is one other director, Bernice Spagnol, 29, who is registered at the same home address as Ferriggi – Yokatta, Xghajra Road, Zabbar – but who is not a shareholder.

Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd has filed accounts with the Companies Registry, which at law must be done every year, only once since incorporation, five years ago in February 2012.

Its website, which is given in trade directories as www.infinite-fusion.com, does not function.

Liam Ferriggi