Declarations of trust in Pilatus Bank safe: Egrant Inc shares held for Michelle Muscat

Published: April 20, 2017 at 7:59pm

In the kitchen at the offices of Pilatus Bank in Ta’ Xbiex, there is a safe in which certain files are kept, and also particular documents marked for extreme secrecy. The safe used to be in the bank CEO’s office, but for some reason was moved to the kitchen.

In this safe, documents are held pertaining to Russian clients of the bank, and to Maltese PEPs, including John Dalli, consultant to Prime Minister Muscat, and Keith Schembri, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, both of whom have accounts with the bank in their own personal names.

Dalli’s account is not used much, but the Prime Minister’s chief of staff uses his regularly and his statements show highly suspicious transactions involving people in Azerbaijan. This bank account is separate to the one held in the name of his once-secret Panama company, Tillgate Inc.

The safe in the kitchen at Pilatus Bank also contains the documents that answer the question which the whole of Malta has been asking this past year: who owns Egrant Inc, the third company Brian Tonna set up in Panama, for somebody so important that the name had to be given over Skype, rather than in an email as it was for Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

Those documents in the Pilatus Bank kitchen-safe are declarations of trust which show that shares in Egrant Inc are held by Mossack Fonseca nominees for “Mrs Michelle Muscat”.

The declarations of trust were provided to the bank by Brian Tonna, as a prerequisite for opening an account for Egrant Inc, for which the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner is required. Mrs Muscat’s name is also given on another document held in the bank’s safe: the account opening form for Egrant Inc.

These documents have been scanned and uploaded to the cloud, for security purposes, by third parties so that they cannot be destroyed by the bank.

Michelle Muscat with Leyla Aliyeva of Azerbaijan, in Malta in 2014.

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  1. NeedToSpkUp says:

    Impeach the lot of them today.

  2. Ernest Meli says:

    So it’s not Lord Egrant, after all, but Lady Egrant.

  3. callixtus says:

    Arrest her. Now.

  4. thealley says:

    Arrest the Police Commissioner

  5. scotlandthebrave says:

    Bingo. Muscats the thieving scumbags! RESIGN

  6. Rosie says:

    Hobbuha lil Michelle ghax Michelle thobbkom.

  7. Ttraveler says:

    Amazing. F***ing incredible.

  8. Stephen Hawkinger says:

    You are amazing, Ms CG. The last line is the game changer. “These documents have been scanned and uploaded to the cloud, for security purposes.”

  9. La Chouette says:

    Not a surprise in the least. It would explain her behaviour when it was found out that she was in Dubai.

  10. verita says:

    The first lady of Malta? IM-POSS-IBB-ILL.

  11. anthony says:

    Are you following the media, ja nittiena?

  12. carmendelia says:

    Ichdu din ukoll issa!



  13. The investigating authorities have no option but to raid the premises of Pilatus Bank and secure the incriminating evidence. I hope that the police does its job to protect us citizens and not the corrupt few.

    • Francis Saliba MD says:

      The important thing is for the police to raid that kitchen IMMEDIATELY, without prior warning and with the firm intention of preserving the evidence and not to tamper with it. That may be too late already.

  14. Macduff says:

    What a despicable piece of vermin that Joseph Muscat is. Rather than manning up and putting down his name, he hides behind his wife.


  15. Richard J. Caruana says:

    How is it possssibbbil?

  16. Jesmond Briffa says:

    She well and truly climbed the ladder. Hope you re following the media now my dear. Imbarazz

  17. Pepellu says:


  18. The cloud – by third parties – so that they can’t be destroyed by the bank.

  19. Lina Muscat says:

    Well done. Keep up the good work

  20. Andrew Mizzi says:

    My dear, I’m in transit to prison.

  21. Francis Saliba MD says:

    The Maltese public does not believe that the safety of whistle blowers today can be entrusted with equanimity in the hands of the police force as led at present.

    The honest public in Malta does not want a recurrence of the police ” investigation” of the murder of Raymond Caruana when the crime weapon soon turned up in the hands of the police themselves.

    It is common knowledge that they planted it in the farmhouse of an innocent Pietru Pawl Busuttil who was lucky to escape with his life.

    We do not want a return to those days.

  22. manifimx says:

    Don’t mess with Daphne.

  23. Olaf Borg says:

    And she had the bloody cheek to tell her audience that other Ministers ‘tmejlu bikom’.

  24. Anti PL says:

    “All animals are equals, but some animals are more equal than others”

    Tsarina Muscat continues to bring us to our knees.

    (jekk inti qed taqra dan Sinjura Muscat, jew wieħed mill-hadima tiegħek aktar “edukati”, Tsarina kien l-isem tal-reġina fir-Russja)

    And for the Panamanian readers:
    Gracias, ustedes han ayudado a este país a dar un paso más para deshacerse de un dictador

  25. Winston Smith says:

    Your reporting usually leaves my mouth gaping with astonishment. I think I just dislocated my jaw. Thanks for your investigative reporting. I cannot even imagine the hard work and sacrifices you endured to bring us the the truth. Thanks.

  26. A Cassar says:

    U din tkazat b’xi ministri li tnejku bin-nies. L-aktar tnejn li tnejku bin-nies kienu hi u zewgha. Imposturi.

  27. Rubbish. The Panama Papers were thick with detailed emails and documents and they’re still saying it isn’t true.

  28. Rover says:

    That coward the Prime Minister hiding behind his wife’s dirty knickers.

  29. leon 1 says:

    Lili hadd qatt ma fetahli kont il-bank minghajr ma kont naf. Mank insib xi hadd tant generuz.

  30. L Borg says:

    The FIAU and the MFSA sipping their green tea and nibbling on their acai berries whilst Nexia BT and Pilatus still have their licence.

    So much for institutional checks and balances. Weak institutions = weak country.

  31. Nugget says:

    Hobbuha ghax thobbkhom lil Lady Egrant…revolting rat.

  32. Benny Hill says:

    Joseph Muscat was just live on Facebook:

  33. Vincent M Doublesin says:

    Net TV are there already.

  34. John Jones says:

    I wonder what the PANA Committee will make of this.

  35. Did the Panama Papers documents published round the world kill it? No.

  36. Yes, exactly. Instead of raiding the bank, the Police Commissioner allowed the owner to raid it himself.

  37. Plausible deniability – the same reason he gets his horrid propaganda machine to attack his critics relentlessly, but doesn’t do so himself personally, so that he can then say that he is a messenger of peace and love.

  38. The big rat has removed the evidence in a couple of hold-alls, accompanied by his compliant risk manager.

  39. Totally irrelevant. You’re not going to declare a secret company in Panama just because you’re asked to declare your spouse’s assets to parliament.

  40. Ah, but that’s where we part company. You see it as an extraordinary claim, and I know it’s not. It’s been perfectly obvious since March last year who owns Egrant Inc. An extraordinary claim would be to have found that, for example, I owned Egrant. Or Archbishop Scicluna did.

  41. When you get to do my job, you get to tell me what to do and give me advice on how to do it.

  42. I’m tempted to reply rather rudely, including orifices, quite frankly.

  43. You are free to doubt the veracity of what I REPORT. I don’t care either way. It’s your funeral and not mine.

    • Reuben D. Spiteri says:

      At this stage I’d say it’s the country’s funeral. Forget the upcoming election – they have ruined Malta’s reputation in record time.

  44. Any time you want to do my job, you’re free to do it. But I don’t see many people queuing up – and I don’t see any gratitude for the risks people take by leaking information. All I see are arseholes who first vote these criminals into power, then work for other crooks “because they’ve got to eat”, then demand detailed proof. This is the point at which I am sorely tried and deeply tempted to tell people to go and fornicate with themselves.

  45. Because they have got away with everything for four years – and even before that.

  46. Cheeky? Strange choice of word.

    The role of the MFSA is that it gave Hasheminejad a banking licence.

  47. He has an account at Pilatus Bank.

  48. David Casa said that because this is a Police Commissioner who only takes instructions from the man whose balls he admires. In other words, he’s a stooge. Stop talking as though Malta is a normal country and the people in charge are not criminals.

  49. Maybe Brian Tonna forged the documents, then. He’s the one who delivered them to Pilatus Bank.

  50. Yes, Brian Tonna set up a company in the British Virgin Islands, with the UBO hidden behind nominees, and it turns out that the UBO is Cheng Chen, the negotiator for Shanghai Power Electric in its talks with Konrad Mizzi for the purchase of Enemalta.

  51. They did their job. The MFSA did not.

  52. Please everyone stop this.

    The fact that the prime minister is saying this should tell you enough. If somebody accuses me of having a company in Panama, a bank account at Pilatus, and millions received from Azerbaijan, my response will not be “They are lying and the documents are bound to be fake.”

    It would be: Of course I don’t XYZ. And then I would explain why, starting from the fact that it goes against my principles to set up a secret company in Panama and then take millions from Azerbaijan.

    But did you hear anything like that? Did you hear him say that of course he would never do something like that because it is wrong?

  53. The country is indebted to the people who risk so much by leaking information. I simply report it.

  54. Wrong again. Keith Schembri is the big fish. Muscat is his tool.

  55. I am alleging nothing. As the level of detail shows, it’s a report.

  56. No, actually, discerning minds factor in all the evidence and the characters involved. You quite obviously don’t have one.

  57. How about if you all use your minds for a change instead of just your eyes.

  58. Shame you’re not made of sterner stuff. They shout worse than fake news at me.

    • Janette Cassar says:

      Pardon me, but how can you know from a single post, from a simple question, what kind of stern stuff I’m made of? I know they throw a lot more than allegations of fake news your way.

      My point in asking the question was simply to know if we will ever get to see the documents. I mentioned fake news because it’s what gets to me the most, to have truth staring them in the face and still call it fake.

      If I had to write every single insult that has been addressed to you, I would have probably exceeded the word limit allowed for a post.

      • My point is: deal with it.

        Your job isn’t to mop up the island’s stupidity, and neither is it mine. This ‘you have to convince everyone’ mentality is unintelligent in itself, like those parents who aim to make their child get top marks in every exam from primary school to the end. It is an inability to keep one’s eyes on the ball, wasting time and effort in the process.

  59. As you saw shortly afterwards, they did.

  60. Excuse me? Why on earth would they have qualms about not declaring the secret company to parliament if they had no qualms about setting it up and using it?

  61. Francis Saliba MD says:

    That banker is alleged to have about four passports. And that Commissioner of Police enjoying his rabbit assures us that he knows his job.

    And the Prime Minister appoints a magistrate to burn his fingers trying to pluck that hot chestnut out of the fire.

  62. Mhux hekk – how I wish there were more intelligent people around.

  63. Jessica Pace says:

    I always thought that it was Joseph Muscat’s account or someone very close to him. That definitely explains the defensive/protective attitude towards Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.

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