Enough with the sham magisterial inquiries and the vexatious libel suits

Published: April 23, 2017 at 4:11am

This Maltese business of ‘magisterial inquiries’ is beyond ridiculous. Magistrates in Malta should never have an investigative function or role because they are not trained in investigation.

Take this magistrate, for example, who is performing the Prime Minister’s inquiry into himself. One minute he’s a humdrum lawyer dealing with ordinary clients in the course of his daily professional practice, and the next he’s a magistrate investigating a massive, but massive, corruption scandal involving the prime minister, top level government politicians, the ruler of Azerbaijan, and an entire corrupt accountancy outfit, all centred round a shady bank set up by an Iranian in his early 30s with quadruple passports issued by St Kitts & Nevis. So help us God.

And another thing: enough with the vexatious libel suits, too, and with claims that their outcome will prove anything at all, one way or the other. The stuff I am reporting on is not a matter for the libel courts, but for a proper criminal investigation, and the proper court to prove the correctness of what I have reported is not the libel court but the criminal court.

Now that more facts are emerging about their filthy involvement with the corrupt regime of Azerbaijan, all I can say is: no wonder even Mrs Muscat doesn’t go anywhere without a bodyguard, while her husband has several.

And no wonder they always travel with their children, even on official business, and never leave them at home with the grandparents like normal people do. I had thought that Mrs Muscat was a hyper-helicopter-mother who’s always got to have her children glued to her hip right up to the school-gates, where she is forced to detach herself from them. Now I am beginning to understand that she is actually monitoring them at all times.

Two of the crooks who are running the country