Former and current employees of the Malta Financial Services Authority, the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, the police and other state authorities, and Pilatus Bank can contact me in full confidence on WhatsApp

Published: April 16, 2017 at 11:35am

All messages sent on WhatsApp have end-to-end encryption, meaning they are unreadable if intercepted by anyone, including law enforcement authorities and even WhatsApp itself.

I clear all written WhatsApp messages immediately I read them, leaving nothing on my phone. If you don’t wish to put anything down in writing even so, then call. I never record telephone calls.

Serious crimes are being committed by those who have been elected to the power of government. The country has reached a very dangerous turning-point. You must now give proper consideration to whether you have a greater responsibility towards your non-disclosure obligations than you do towards the rule of law and the future of our country.

At this perilous juncture, you have to consider whether you have a moral duty to help ensure that these individuals are no longer given free licence to carry on operating as they have been so far, using fear, manipulation and the threat of the law against others while holding the law off from themselves by corrupt means that you will have seen happening before your eyes, more than anybody else, in the course of your confidential work.

You can reach me on +356 99493545 on WhatsApp any time. I do not disclose sources and the Courts of Justice protect my right to do so under Maltese law. I do not even disclose sources to ‘save myself’ in libel cases instituted by corrupt politicians.

Sources are sources, and quite apart from the moral obligation to protect those who come forward with information, if journalists began disclosing them to protect themselves, nobody would ever trust us again.