This is such a good piece – and what a tragedy that the basics have to be spelled out

Published: April 21, 2017 at 3:50pm

Ramona Depares has written a really good piece for the Times of Malta today. It is our society’s ongoing tragedy that the best newspaper columns are those which spell out to Maltese people that which is immediately obvious and taken as read by those who live elsewhere.

When newspaper columnists find themselves reduced to explaining normality in situations which expose the freakishness of Maltese (lack of) thinking for what it is, and excelling at it, then you know just how weird things are.

I sent this article to many of my WhatsApp contacts, and the non-Maltese among them (plus the Maltese who live far away from the island) invariably got back to me with a version of “Did it have to be said?” or “I can’t believe this has to be explained.”

Unless you’re standing on the outside, you can’t see just how very sick and weird the current Maltese situation is: corrupt politicians doing what they please, defending themselves outrageously, while citizens with no moral lode-star or insight wonder what they are meant to think.

If I were on the outside, I would be shaking my head in a mixture of amusement and amazement. But because I’m on the inside, I share articles like this and hope that like-minded people will find sanity in each other.

The start of their road-map.