With his government in crisis, Muscat is joking around with Glenn Bedingfield and Luke Dalli

Published: April 27, 2017 at 9:05pm

The government is in the full throes of a crisis from which there is now no return. You don’t have to be a seasoned political observer to see that there can be no going back from this, that a permanent turning-point has been reached.

And where is the Prime Minister? After a couple of days making sarcastic remarks to journalists, instead of responding to their questions with seriousness as befits the gravity of the situation, he is now to be seen on his party’s television station, squashed between his communications aide, Glenn Bedingfield, and his Civil Liberties Minister’s son, Luke Dalli, all three of them kidding around like idiots making banal jokes in car for the show Tana Tnejn.

The main reason this government has failed so spectacularly, apart from the obvious brazen theft, abuse and corruption, is the spectacular absence of gravitas in its leaders. We have a major crisis on our hands, people are frozen in anticipation, wondering what comes next, shocked, angry, disgusted – and the Prime Minister is fooling around with Glenn Bedingfield.