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Published: April 11, 2017 at 3:06pm

I’m having a proud-mother moment. This is such wonderful news and a fitting tribute to a small group of mainly young people who worked long and hard in at times very difficult conditions to reach a positive world-changing objective.

And what an absurd situation we are in: had a Maltese person won the Eurovision Song Contest or even placed fifth, or a child won the Junior version of that event, the Prime Minister would have been tweeting congratulations like crazy, boasting and bragging and having his multifarious communications aides organise photo-opportunities at the Auberge de Castille.

But when a Maltese forms part of a group that wins the much-coveted Pulitzer Prize, the highest accolade possible in the field, he finds that he and his considerable propaganda machine have spent the last 12 months ripping into that work and those involved in it, describing them as the malicious and malign purveyors of politically-motivated fake news.

Well done, Matt – you have done your tiny country proud and helped redress the perception that the Maltese, such a small population, are nothing but a bunch of crooks who vote corrupt politicians into power, defend them and their actions, and then work over-time to keep them in power, out of ignorance, greed and above all, amorality.

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  1. lest we forget says:

    Congratulations – keep the good work.

  2. Edgar Gatt says:

    Well done, Matt. You make your parents and grandparents proud. If you were not congratulated by the powers at Castille for your great achievment, rest assured that the majority of right-thinking people in Malta are proud of you.

  3. Josephine Saliba says:

    What an achievement. A very well deserved and magnificent accolade. Congratulations, Matthew, and thank you.

  4. Saskia says:


  5. Reader says:

    What a beautiful photo! Congratulations, Matthew. Daphne is so right to be proud of you. Thank you for all the work you do.

  6. Doriette Rizzo Naudi says:

    Indeed! Mega well done to your son and his colleagues. Proud-mother moment is more than fully justified.

  7. Grey matter matters says:

    Well done! That is a great honour indeed.

  8. canon says:

    An achievement that should be recognised by the government.

    • observer says:

      Recognized by Muscat & Associates? You must be joking.

      Daphne, so many of us can understand and share your proud-mother moment and are so thankful for the feat undertaken by Matthew and his colleagues.

  9. john says:

    I wonder whether the Institute of Maltese Journalists could find it within themselves to offer a word of congratulations. Or would that be expecting too much of them?

  10. Life in Panem says:

    I can only imagine how proud and happy you must be. I’m so truly happy for both of you. So well deserved. Your efforts towards making life under Labour less dire and shameful are truly appreciated by those of us who are sane and honest. Thank you.

  11. Joseph Gauci says:

    Bravu u brava.

  12. Alf says:

    Hearty congratulations to the young guy. He surely deserves all the praise.

  13. Mike says:

    It’s clear that Joseph Pulitzer is a #falz and is using his award to distract the Maltese from the mess the PN finds itself in.

  14. David Pullicino says:


  15. U Le! says:

    A chip off the old block. Well done!

  16. Jonathan Mercieca says:

    Congratulations, Matthew.

  17. Antoine Vella says:

    Very well done. Someone giving Malta a good name, finally.

  18. Liberal says:

    Congratulations. You deserve it.

  19. M. says:

    Congratulations (and the photo’s lovely, too). You have good reason to be proud.

  20. Roza Verdun says:

    Yes, this is a very proud moment for you as his mother. But he also makes Malta proud.

    Whatever the case, let them seethe with rage. Prosit, well done and God bless you both.

  21. C. G says:

    Well done, Matt. Keep up your excellent work.

  22. L-ieħor says:

    All Maltese men and women of good will share this proud moment with you. Well done!

  23. N. M. says:

    Well done, Matt. You have every reason to be proud, Daphne.

  24. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    I am still reeling from this momentous news. I do not go crazy and write ‘Proud to be Maltese’ when some popstrel places fifth or something in some festival or other, but boy, am I proud to be Maltese today.

    You are one amazing family! First you make the Politico 28 and now Matthew is a key part of the team that bags the most lauded prize in journalism.

    Well done to you, too, for instilling in your son such strong civic sense and fearlessness. Like mother, like son. You must be one proud mama! Excuse the exclamation marks. Please do not remove them! They represent my happy dance.

  25. R. Azzopardi says:

    Well done, Matthew! At such a young age too! Brilliant journalism.

  26. anna vassallo says:

    Well done to him, certainly a big achievement!

  27. Matthew Montebello says:

    Well deserved – he should receive the Gieh ir-Repubblika. But I doubt it at the moment.

  28. Catharsis says:

    A beacon shining in the dark. Prosit and well done. Bedingfield must be having a cow at the news.

  29. The Sting says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If he’s half as tenacious and courageous as his mum he’s already there. “Well done” doesn’t even start to describe this.

    Nothing is going to test this government’s malicious intent more than not giving any importance to this great bit of news.

    Mur ara kieku kien xi Glenn jew xi Alfred Sant.

  30. Rita Camilleri says:

    Very, very well done Matthew. A chip off the old block.

  31. Vincent M Doublesin says:

    Congratulations, Matthew

  32. Fed up says:


  33. Carmen says:

    Well done

  34. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  35. Melissa says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!

  36. Henry S Pace says:

    The Institute of Maltese Journalists are not yet aware of this achievement.

    • Francis Saliba MD says:

      They are fully aware of the achievement, don’t you doubt it for a single moment. They are dumbstruck, green with envy and still under shock.

  37. ron says:


  38. Gigi says:

    Heartfelt congratulations.

  39. Betty says:

    Congratulations, Matthew. You and your hard-working colleagues truly deserve this most prestigious award. It’s something people dream about.

    This achievement puts to unbelievable shame those high-level rubbish politicians who continue to stain our country’s reputation.

  40. Mark Vassallo says:

    Matt showing the world that Malta can and does punch above its weight. Well done.

  41. Admirer says:

    Great news. Well done!

  42. Just ice says:

    Well done, Matthew.

  43. saggio says:

    Well done, Matthew. You made your country proud.

  44. Makjavel says:

    Min jaf Bedingfield x’jidghaj.

  45. Henry Battistino says:


  46. mrelllul says:

    Congrats to the proud mother and son. Well done, handsome man!

  47. Flaj Ondewal says:

    Congratulations to your son and also to you as his proud parents. Some great genes right there.

  48. Mark says:

    Rest assured that Matt would have been amply promoted if he had gone out to garner votes for the Labour party rather than dig for the truth even if the tax payer was footing the bill.

    Dirt and Labour make good bed fellows and any level headed person would realize that getting praise from this Labour government is not in fact a good thing. Who would want to be in the Franco Debono, Lara Boffa, Jeffrey Pulicino Orlando Smith’s (you get my drift) club?

  49. RF says:

    Well done. The corrupt triad at the Office of the Prime Minister got exposed in the Panama Papers, while young Matthew and his group got the much-coveted Pulitzer Prize. Hu go fik, Joseph.

  50. P Caruana says:

    Well done to your son and well done to you for having raised him.

  51. Sdei Trumot says:


  52. CIS says:

    True Maltese are very proud of this prize. Well done.

  53. Francis Saliba MD says:

    The following comment by me in the ToM was “removed” i,e, suppressed. I do not wonder why.

    “Why no mention of Matthew Caruana Galizia?
    Green eyed monster or fear of retaliation by the people exposed in Panamagate?”

  54. Natalie Mallett says:


  55. photog says:

    May this inspire more Maltese journalists to search for the truth and not be cowed when they find it. Hard work pays off. Do not give up. Congratulations, Matthew.

  56. Wilfrid Buttigieg says:

    Super! Well done, Matt!

  57. Another John says:

    Well done, Matt.

  58. Desert Lizard says:

    Amen to that. Huge congratulations.

  59. speedbird says:

    Winning the Pulitzer prize for Journalism is like winning the Oscar for best film. Congratulations to Matthew and to the proud parents.

  60. Lomax says:

    My heartfelt congratulations for such a momentous and significant achievement. I am overjoyed. I’m so happy for you all, including your dear parents. Sincerely, congratulations.

  61. Leli tal-haxix says:

    Well done, Matt. Nice girlfriend too.

  62. Jackie says:

    Not just a proud-mother moment but a red letter day in the history of Maltese journalism. Many, many congratulations.

  63. Paul Vella says:

    Well done. This is what we should be damn proud of.

  64. Louise Anne Gusman says:

    Well done

  65. Victor Fenech says:

    Prosit. Skond iz-zokk il- fergha. Proud of you, Matt.

  66. Peter Parker says:

    Wonderful news! Well done, Matt! This made my day.

  67. Leli says:

    Matt, you made Malta proud. Well done for being such a great example of what the younger generation can stand for and aspire to achieve.

  68. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    It is better for him not to shake the hands of the corruption he is uncovering.

  69. rustyfishhook says:

    Matt, this is just awesome. And what a lovely picture to go with the news – real smiles by people who look genuinely happy. If my kids end up achieving a fraction of what you guys contribute to society then I’ll be a mighty proud father too.

  70. Freedom of speech says:

    Proud to be Maltese when we see talent and determination succeed.

  71. Franco Debono says:

    Not every mother has a right to be happy for her son’s achievement. Daphne decides who has a right and who hasn’t.

    • Spock says:

      Ha thallat ruhek ma’ Matthew? Kemm int patetiku.

    • Rosie says:

      Some mothers are happy because their son wins a Pulitzer. Others are ecstatic when theirs flaunt a Form 2 report card at the age of 40, before the television cameras, and copy and paste Riforma fil-Gustizzja ad nauseam, along with selfies featuring caged birds and dead fish.

    • M. says:

      I’m sure your mother was proud of your Form IIC report. Now scuttle off, and let everybody else enjoy this (handsome) young man’s achievement, which is a first for a Maltese person.

    • Malteser says:

      I am sure that your mum was happy with your achievements. So why worry?

      When my children were young and started school I encouraged their every move and applauded them for every minor achievement. Encouraging children is very important. Of course parents feel proud.

    • c calafato says:

      Meta jkollok tfal int tkellem u iggudika genituri ohra. Qabel dan ghalaq halek. U ghaggel ta, ghax anke ta’ din l-eta ser jahsbuk nannuhom.

  72. Tony says:

    Success only comes with hard work and above all, honesty. Well done to you both.

  73. Eddie Preston says:

    Certainly a proud moment. Congratulations both of you.

  74. Thoughtful says:

    Excellent news. The fact that this event was not covered proves the value of the work done. Thank you Matthew for your part in this ground-shaking event. Anyone being awarded a Pulitzer Prize would be incredibly proud at any age but to be awarded a Pulitzer at your young age is absolutely stunning. Well done.

  75. I really do think you should see a psychiatrist. And I mean that honestly.

    • Franco Debono says:

      Would I be correct in understanding this information was gathered using legal means?
      Never thought a degree in archaelogy entitled one to give advice on a very wide variety of subjects besides dinosaurs.
      Even if I thought you should have been seeing one for years I do not have the necessary expertise to give you any advice

      • john says:

        You idiot. It is palaeontologists who “are entitled to give advice” on dinosaurs, not archaeologists. Archaeology is the study of HUMAN history and prehistory. Not only are you not all there, but ignorant to boot.

      • J Sammut says:

        Pulċinell Prize is more like it.

      • Victor Pace says:

        What is wrong with this guy? The whole world knows what these people have done. How sad, how sour! Go get a grip, man! And apologise if you have a microdot of decency in you. What a sourpuss!

      • Franco Debono says:

        Info collected by legal means, that’s what I am asking

      • Leon Caruana says:

        Assuming that that information was not collected by legal means, in any case it would give a clear signal to authorities about illegal goings-on.

        Serious authorities would then employ legal means to get to the bottom of the illegal goings-on. This being a corrupt government means that such a thing has not happened.

        You really have a screwed up personality, but then what to expect from someone who ended up in the Labour skip?

      • Liberal says:

        Jekk tahseb li kiser xi ligi, investiga u pprocedi, ja buffu injorant.

      • J Sammut says:

        “Would I be correct in understanding this information was gathered using legal means? ”

        Answer: NO, and one doesn’t need any degree to conclude that.

      • La Chouette says:

        You don’t need a degree to see that somebody has psychiatric problems.

      • Malcolm says:

        What really surprises me, Franco, is the fact that you’re more interested in the legality of how the information was obtained rather than the legality of everything that’s been uncovered. You of all people, our Law Commissioner.

      • Liberal says:

        That’s because he has a direct personal interest in defending criminals. He has so got used to it that defending criminals has become second nature to him.

    • Jozef says:

      L-ghira oht il-genn.

  76. Chris Briffa says:

    Prosit tassew, Matthew.

  77. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    It surely was not gathered in the dark of night, witnessed by two senior ministers and signed off by a Prime Minister.

  78. Linda Kveen says:

    You certainly haven’t.

  79. Victor Pace says:

    School reports, our speciality.

  80. Rosie says:

    Lollipops, Dottore.

  81. Joe Fenech says:

    Franco Debono, these people have won the most prestigious award in journalism, for work that served humanity. Deal with it.

  82. Joe Fenech says:

    Hawn nies li jbatu minn ‘infirmazzjoni’ gravissima.

  83. Joe Fenech says:

    In a near fascist world, we need people who fight back.

  84. M. says:

    Do yourself (and everybody else) a favour and shut up, Law Commissioner.

  85. Spock says:

    Oh fuck off, Franco, and go play with your canaries. Taqax izjed ghan-nejk.

  86. Odyssey says:

    Your comment is as expected and in line with the (sick) script that we are so used to by now. L-ghira tieklok, iblah.

    Had you lived two/three hundred years ago, you would have been the quintessential court jester.

  87. Odyssey says:

    The rating agencies do not issue grades, village idiot. Besides, you will never be a Labour candidate on the fifth district. Iblah.

  88. Spock says:

    You haven’t moved on from Form 2C.

  89. E Markowitz says:

    They are the same rating agencies which rated US subprime debt as investment-grade in 2007/08, as well as Lehman just before the collapse. Your point being what, Mr Debono?

  90. bookmemoirs says:

    Well done for this achievement and for your perseverance, a true inspiration for us.

  91. Tabatha_White says:

    Do tell me that Franco Debono’s name or account have been taken over by a prankster: he cannot possibly be this stupid?

  92. J Sammut says:

    “Greatest amount of congratulatins from fake profiles.”

    Are you judging by your low standards?

    Many people notice that a certain Max, H Farrugia, and Spiru Friggieri praise you to high heaven. And one doesn’t need a degree to make these conclusions.It’s elementary.

  93. J Sammut says:

    Are you trying to be relevant to Muscat’s party ? All this criticism by the Labour trolls, you included (Marlene Farrugia will contest on the fifth district) levelled at Simon Busuttil for trying to forge a coalition with her.

    I can’t see any logic in their reasoning, accepting you in the Labour fold as a candidate.

  94. J Sammut says:

    You pollute the comment boards with your attention seeking.

    You can’t even let a mother (journalist) celebrate her son’s GREAT achievement in real INVESTIGATIVE journalism !

    Are you in any way implying that Matthew Caruana Galizia is THE whistleblower John Doe himself, and that Mossack Fonseca should be freed from jail, because the information wasn’t gathered by “legal means” ?


  95. A Calleja says:

    You’re just jealous. Well done, Matthew.

  96. M. Vella says:

    Well done, Matt. Disappear, Franco.

  97. Il Baks says:

    I prefer fake profiles to fake people.

  98. J Sammut says:

    Qatt smajt bil-kelma “WHISTLEBLOWER”?

  99. pwg says:

    It still means a lot. If for nothing else, it has given us a very good idea of who amongst us is prepared to turn a blind eye to corruption, out of spite or for self enrichment. Well done, Matthew.

  100. Gorg Gatt says:

    Yesterday’s 8pm TVM news item failed to mention that Matthew ( a Maltese) was one of the winning team. Lapsus?

  101. Mr. Fox says:

    Franco, can you now see what people must go through to uncover huge scandals and crimes committed by the highest government officials of Malta?

    If you know that there’s something so in-your-face that smells funny and is illegal, wouldn’t you investigate knowing the government and the police are corrupt?

    These people exist and their sole purpose is to uncover the truth, nothing else.

  102. Franco Attard Trevisan says:

    I might disagree with you on many topics, but on this one, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Well done to Matthew and the ICIJ team.

  103. Spock says:

    Whitewash .

  104. gm says:

    Just a Pulitzer? You can’t be serious. That’s rich, coming from a ”grown” man who still gives himself rave reviews about his Form 2 report. It’s the equivalent of high-fiving yourself when masturbating.

    The accolade Matthew won is extremely prestigious. Your Form 2 results, to put it bluntly, are something no one gives a shit about. Your ignorance knows no bounds.

  105. La Chouette says:

    Unlike you his greatest achievements aren’t 30 years old, dating back to when he was 12, and he certainly hasn’t swelled on them as much as you have.

  106. joseph gaffarena says:

    Well done, we want more people like you.

  107. Franco Debono says:

    Yes the only one. Are you a plumber, architect, electrician or doctor mr fake profile

  108. Franco Debono says:


  109. Franco Debono says:

    Am not ashamed to comment under my name. Just q simple thing for ui would be a great achievement, in hiding as you are !

  110. Franco Debono says:

    Can you repeat in English please?

  111. Franco Debono says:

    I do not hate Daphne. I was condemned for Carm mifsud Bonnici’s mistakes.
    Daphne dedicated some blogs to him and Tonio Borg.
    She was of the opinion they were hopeless, I think, if I understood well

  112. Franco Debono says:

    Do you prefer to be remembered or forgotten ?

  113. Franco Debono says:

    It could be the name of a dog. Too heavy for a canary

  114. adriang says:

    I was waiting for this blog so that I could write this comment. Primarily this one goes to you Daphne. As both mother and journalist, sincere double congratulations – it must indeed be a proud moment.

    And, Matt, congratulations and thanks, you have made all people of good will in in this troubled country proud.

    Perhaps more importantly, this historical landmark might have convinced a few dull-minded or overly biased people understand the internationally recognised importance of your work. Once again, thanks.

  115. adriang says:

    You’re the lawyer, so tell me, is it illegal to obtain information on ongoing illegal activity from a whistle-blower?

    What I am seeing in you are the blood-shot eyes of the green eyed monster.

  116. All you have to do, Debono, is go to the ICIJ portal and watch the video in which two journalists from the German national newspaper SueddeutscheZeitung describe how they obtained the information from an anonymous source AND THEN took it to the ICIJ. In sum, the ICIJ obtained the documents from the SueddeutscheZeitung.

  117. Then you should watch the short film describing the process, before coming here to make an even bigger fool of yourself. Or you could ask Michela Spiteri to take a break from proof-reading documents for Keith Schembri and Glenn Bedingfield and explain it to you.

  118. Liberal says:

    A Law Commissioner trolling the internet. Will he get a Pulitzer for that?

  119. La Redoute says:

    Can you be any more ridiculous? You’re over 40 and still banging on about your school days. The sooner you disappear from public life, the better.

  120. La Redoute says:

    Your relevance is the sort associated with freak shows. Anyone encouraging you in your delusions should be locked up too.

  121. La Redoute says:

    Your obsessions have to be pointed out to you in the interest of sanitising public life.

  122. La Redoute says:

    Your congratulations are as valuable as your condemnation. You have obviously been wound up to repeat Labour’s latest mantra. Poor you for believing that you serve any other purpose.

  123. La Redoute says:

    Your incoherence is symptomatic of a disordered mind.

  124. Clement Gauci says:

    Well done Matt, you make us, Maltese of goodwill, proud to be Maltese.

  125. Tony says:

    Debono, right and wrong are not measured by winning and losing.

    History is full of wronging rights. Winning does not make it right. All dictators and crooks were on the winning side at some point in time.

    It all depends on your measuring values, and we know very well by now what is your measuring stick.

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