I know this isn’t Facebook, but…

Published: April 11, 2017 at 3:06pm

I’m having a proud-mother moment. This is such wonderful news and a fitting tribute to a small group of mainly young people who worked long and hard in at times very difficult conditions to reach a positive world-changing objective.

And what an absurd situation we are in: had a Maltese person won the Eurovision Song Contest or even placed fifth, or a child won the Junior version of that event, the Prime Minister would have been tweeting congratulations like crazy, boasting and bragging and having his multifarious communications aides organise photo-opportunities at the Auberge de Castille.

But when a Maltese forms part of a group that wins the much-coveted Pulitzer Prize, the highest accolade possible in the field, he finds that he and his considerable propaganda machine have spent the last 12 months ripping into that work and those involved in it, describing them as the malicious and malign purveyors of politically-motivated fake news.

Well done, Matt – you have done your tiny country proud and helped redress the perception that the Maltese, such a small population, are nothing but a bunch of crooks who vote corrupt politicians into power, defend them and their actions, and then work over-time to keep them in power, out of ignorance, greed and above all, amorality.