Konrad Mizzi headed for big Shanghai Electric Power reception at the Westin at 6pm

Published: April 21, 2017 at 7:54pm

Konrad Mizzi’s entourage of heavies made the news earlier this afternoon by grabbing Times of Malta journalist Jacob Borg by the throat and pushing him savagely out the Minister Within the Office of the Prime Minister’s way as Borg sought to ask him questions about his bank account in Dubai, for which corrupt accountant Brian Tonna made the arrangements.

Mizzi is now due at 6pm at a reception hosted by Shanghai Electric Power at the Westin Dragonara, for around 150 guests. This is going to be some kind of award ceremony, and my sources tell me “they are worried about journalists turning up”.

So journalists should make a point of turning up.

Of course, the perfect question to ask in a situation like this would be about the British Virgin Islands company which Brian Tonna set up for Cheng Chen, the man who negotiated with Konrad Mizzi on behalf of Shanghai Electric Power for the purchase for Enemalta Corporation and the power station.

The company, Torbridge Inc, was meant to be secret, with Cheng Chen’s ownership hidden behind nominees, but was revealed in the Panama Papers last year.

Konrad Mizzi’s heavies assault Times of Malta journalist Jacob Borg after the Minister dives into his getaway car and flees Borg’s persistent questioning about a bank accountant in Dubai.

Cheng Chen, far right, shaking Konrad Mizzi’s hand immediately after the Shanghai Electric Power/Malta government deal was signed in March 2014.