A note re your comments and messages

Published: April 22, 2017 at 7:38pm

This is just a quick note of apology to all those whose comments have been queued for upload for some hours and whose WhatsApp messages have not been answered yet.

This website has 1,000 readers’ comments backed up awaiting moderation and I have around 200 WhatsApp messages still waiting to be read. There are also several posts I have to write about events that have transpired since last night. I’m doing the best I can to keep up, and I know my editor will soon be chasing me for tomorrow’s column in The Malta Independent too.

Please keep posting your comments all the same, and sending messages. You are raising some very important points which I might have missed, and your feedback is appreciated. I will bring everything up to speed before bedtime, even if bedtime ends up being close to dawn.

These are distressing times for Malta, and it’s heartening to see that people are getting involved and motivated. Among these I do not include the intolerably pathetic individuals demanding “proof”. “Proof” is for a criminal trial in the Courts of Justice, and unless they win the next general election and keep the Commissioner of Police on their side, and all institutions subverted and undermined, that is what has got to happen.

That is also why they are fighting for their lives. At this stage in their very dangerous game, they are not just fighting for power because they want it for riches, but because they need it for their own survival.