The Opposition is “dangerous and vindictive”, says Christian “Brothel” Cardona

Published: April 19, 2017 at 1:53am

Christian Cardona, the Economy Minister who, we tend to forget, is also a deputy leader of the Labour Party, rose to speak at the opening session tonight of that outfit’s annual general conference.

Look at the video uploaded by Malta Today and you’ll see that the conference hall, which is usually packed to overflowing during the annual general conference, was almost empty this evening.

The subject was the same as it was last time, when Cardona ranted and raved about the vindictive Opposition and said that he would take an axe to those who went after the Labour Party with a knife.

You’d think that with all their talk of positivity and their banging on against negativity, this raider of hotel minibars at the public’s expense would be talking instead about the Labour Party’s golden-bright plans for the future.

But Cardona said instead: “The election campaign won’t be easy, because the Opposition is dangerous and vindictive and is up against the wall.”

It’s all that whisky he’s been drinking. It’s blinded him to the fact that all the dangerous and vindictive politicians were under the same roof as he was tonight.

The Minister for the Economy/deputy leader of the Labour Party, and his chief of staff, at a party at Level 22 nightclub at Portomaso. They are not dangerous and vindictive, so it’s safe to play with them. And if you put them in a room with a minibar, they’ll be quiet for hours.