Pilatus Bank chairman removes documents at night – then Prime Minister says he will hold an “inquiry” into his wife’s Panama affairs

Published: April 21, 2017 at 2:11am

The Prime Minister held a press conference this evening to announce that he and his spouse will take legal action against me, rather than to say something more appropriate in the circumstances and more fitting for a prime minister.

Then, after the bank’s chairman had safely fled the building carrying large bags of documents which will now probably leave the country with him, Muscat announced that he will appoint a magistrate to hold an inquiry into the matter of Egrant Inc and his wife’s (lack of) involvement.

Too late, chaps. The documents have followed Elvis out of the building. Nobody’s going to find them again.

And meanwhile, the Police Commissioner who thinks that the Prime Minister’s genitals are so fabulous (he said as much on Facebook) was busy eating rabbit with his man-friends in Mgarr.

The Prime Minister is facetious, of course: it is the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit which investigates these matters and not magistrates randomly appointed by the Prime Minister to investigate his own wife’s affairs (which means also his).

But when the FIAU investigated his chief of staff, Keith Schembri, and his Energy Minister/Minister with the Office of the Prime Minister, Konrad Mizzi, the Prime Minister ignored the report completely and so did his stooge Police Commissioner.