Rat in a corner: Keet tweets and bares his teet

Published: April 16, 2017 at 2:37am

Hard to believe that this is a chief of staff to the Prime Minister, conducting himself in this manner on Twitter. Looks like he’s channelling Donald Trump after spending too much time reading his off-the-wall tweets about the media.

“the lying DCG”

“no way out”

Keet Trump sounds nice, but I think it’s going to be more a matter of trumping Keet. He hid from the PANA Committee, refuses to answer my questions in relation to news reports, and now he’s ‘threatening’ to put himself on the witness stand in a law suit against me, where he will have no choice but to answer questions, under oath (he can always perjure himself; par for the course) about his extensive web of secret companies in Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Dubai, and his underhand dealings with Adrian Hillman, Pierre Sladden, Brian Tonna, Konrad Mizzi, Joseph Muscat, Pilatus Bank, Cheng Chen of Shanghai Electric Power, the people in Baku and plenty more.

“No way out” – the way he talks, you’d think I am the one who was investigated by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and who was saved from prosecution and possible years in prison by the self-preserving resignation of a Police Commissioner and his replacement with a government stooge.

The self-deluding brass neck on these people is something else. #bringbacktheguillotine