This afternoon’s demonstration

Published: April 23, 2017 at 7:52pm

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April 2017:

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  1. pete ross says:

    Jekk trid tiekol fenek mur l-Imgarr. Jekk trid qarnita mur Kastilja.

  2. Nemusa says:

    Barbuljata, mhux froga.

  3. Major Tom says:

    I thought she meant that Daphne is so strong and resilient that people in general never try to put themselves in her shoes and imagine how hard it is for her but also her family.

    The Prime Minister, who tries to use his family to draw sympathy and play the victim and even tried to strike a bargain to put NET journalists off Lady Egrant while using Bedingfield to attack others, finds it OK to attack Daphne and her family as if she does not have a family too. What I think she meant that ‘we’ are all her family. Maybe Marlene is following and she can clarify.

    Finally I think that although it may sound weird to some if a maternal connotation is used with the whole nation, everyone feels that the paternal connotation sounds perfectly normal, which is quite interesting and perhaps would merit some discussion when and if this country becomes normal again.

  4. Kallang MA (cantab) says:

    At last a real manifestation of solidarity against these looters. Proud to have been there.

  5. Major Tom says:

    I am not going to hear anything on the 1st of May. I had enough of listening to lies. I will travel against traffic direction and enjoy the countryside – what remains of it anyway.

  6. E. Vella says:

    Taghna lkoll. What a con.

  7. Louis Grech is part of the Muscat/Mizzi/Schembri/Tonna cabal.

  8. Julian John Ebejer says:

    This new Forza Nazzjonali will sweep the corrupt gang out of Castille. Truth will prevail.


  9. M. Abela says:

    Do the right thing, at lest this time round. Swallow your pride and vote for the most decent party at the moment, the Nationalist Party.

    Muscat’s only interest, and that of his cronies, is storing up personal wealth and hiding it from us.

  10. Benjamin Borg says:

    Joseph Muscat is far from a socialist. What socialist sells Enemalta to a foreign company? What kind of socialist sells Air Malta the airline the country relies on to communicate physically with the rest of the world to a private company?

    I think the right word to describe Joseph Muscat’s political views would be corporatist. The Labour governments over the years have sadly given most of the people on the island a hostile opinion to anything described as socialist.

  11. Gaetano Pace says:

    The PPE did speak out.

  12. Gaetano Pace says:

    Instema lehen fix-xaghari jghid “issa daqshekk. issa daqshekk.”

    Instemghet il-folla fit-toroq tal-belt tghid “le mhux daqshekk, illum konna aktar mill ahhar darba u darb`ohra inkunu aktar mil-lum u noktru u nkattru sakemm il Muscattieri fil-habs jissakkru.”

  13. Melody says:

    Malta really ows you, Daphne, a sense of gratitude for the continuous bravery you have showed despite the consequences. You have always been the one to speak the truth, and I truly believe that if we fight as a nation “Is-sewwa irbah zgur.”

  14. Nina Summers says:

    Thanks for replying. Again, forgive me for plying you with more questions, what is it about his manner that lacks charisma?

    Is it maybe because he’s more moderate than politicians we are used to?

    We’re used to the Mediterranean style – all swinging arms and thumping fists and using the microphone as something we must SHOUT at, rather than talk into. Isn’t his honesty enough to have faith in him as a politician? MUST we set a thief to catch a thief?

    I completely agree with you that we DO need a better Labour leader – whatever the outcome. We DESERVE a better Labour leader too.

    Thank you for your time.

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