Top comment today: and yes, that massive economic bubble will burst very soon

Published: April 24, 2017 at 4:51pm

Posted by Ryan Murdock

The systems are broken, and the institutions are stinking like milk left out in the Maltese summer sun. I hope the criminals who have taken over these structures are removed sooner rather than later. But it will take a long time to rebuild.

That massive economic bubble will burst very soon. No one needs all those empty properties. High GDP and low unemployment can’t be achieved by filling the government payroll with workers, because government jobs consume resources rather than create new wealth.

Sales of EU passports can’t go on indefinitely without a major backlash. And online gaming, offshore businesses and assorted dirty money will flee because they want shadows and discretion, not spotlights.
The highly-vaunted success of the economy, so vigorously promoted by the Cuttlefish From Burmarrad, is nothing but clouds of obscurity. It’s incredibly obvious from far away.

But rather than encourage critical thinking, institutions of “higher” education drive away teachers with standards, because low grades, while merited, don’t look very good on paper.

I hope those criminals who set this road map in motion will watch the bubble collapse from behind prison bars rather than from a comfortable exile in Dubai or Azerbaijan.

There’s some small cause for hope, because the honest, unpopular voices are getting louder. But as we’ve discussed many times, it takes change on an individual level to go in a different direction.