Astonishing: Muscat speaks about Keith Schembri as though he’s his partner

Published: May 26, 2017 at 9:28pm

I’m watching Xarabank. The Opposition leader produced, on camera, a report to the police by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, about Keith Schembri, saying that there is a reasonable suspicion that he is involved in laundering money.

The Prime Minister, astonishingly, responded as though Keith Schembri is his business partner or his boss, rather than his chief of staff and therefore his underling. “Keith Schembri has said that if there is the slightest indication that he has committed a crime, he will resign at once,” he said.

What? He is the Prime Minister. Schembri is his chief of staff. What the Prime Minister should have said is: “If there is the slightest indication that Schembri has committed a crime, I will fire him immediately.”

And then later, when talking about Pilatus Bank, he said: “Keith Schembri takes an interest in every investment that takes place in Malta.”

Oh, I’ll say he does. Like he’s taking an interest in Crane Currency right now. Like he’s taking an interest in the Electrogas power station.

Those two are clearly business partners, not boss and employee, and that was one hell of a massive Freudian slip.

The Prime Minister and his chief of staff, in a warm embrace: a couple of very crooked crooks.