BREAKING: USB stick loaded with mass of documents left anonymously at PN HQ

Published: May 19, 2017 at 7:19pm

I am informed by sources close to the Nationalist Party that a USB stick loaded with a mass of documents was left anonymously some days ago at the Nationalist Party headquarters.

When printed out, the documents amounted to “several cartons full”. The documents, I am told, pertain to the money-laundering activities of those closest to the Prime Minister, and include folios of transactions.

When I saw the press photographs of the Opposition leader walking towards the Courts of Justice and the inquiring magistrate accompanied by aides carrying eight black box-files, I thought to myself that those must be the documents, or at least some of them.

So I felt sort of sad for the believing Labour trolls who were out in force on social media today, pushing the message that the box-files were empty. They don’t know about the USB stick and the new tranche of documents.

But they should at least have had the sense to work out that the Opposition leader would never pull a stunt like that, which would adversely affect his credibility with the inquiring magistrate: walk in with eight empty box-files and tell him, “It was just a stunt for the pictures.”