BREAKING/Malta Institute of Accountants to start “disciplinary process”

Published: May 19, 2017 at 4:53pm

The Malta Institute of Accountants has emailed all its members today, informing them that “the disciplinary process in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Bye-laws annexed to the Statute has been fired into motion”.

Though their names are not mentioned, the message from the institute’s president, Franco Azzopardi, is in clear reference to Brian Tonna and Karl Cini of Nexia BT, the only accountants involved in the ongoing spate of scandals involving members of the government.

Mr Azzopardi’s message appeals for 15 members of the Malta Institute of Accountants to come forward to form the disciplinary and appeal committees (“pools”) for the process. “It is not easy finding members willing to stand up and be counted, especially in difficult situations like this,” he writes. “So I do encourage you to reply to our previous communication and put your name forward to help us set up the structures for the Disciplinary procedures to function.”

The Malta Institute of Accountants has also called an extraordinary general meeting on the matter.

Corrupt accountant Brian Tonna’s passport – he used this to set up a secret company in the British Virgin Islands after March 2013, with his ownership hidden by Mossack Fonseca nominees.