Cabinet member’s husband sits on Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit board

Published: May 8, 2017 at 10:01am

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit board, which is chaired by the Attorney-General who says he does not have access to the reports of the organisation he chairs, is composed of representatives of law enforcement and other state authorities.

The member who represents the Police is Deputy Commissioner Silvio Valletta (promoted some months ago), appointed to that position on the board in 2014. He is married to a member of Muscat’s cabinet of government: parliamentary secretary Justyne Caruana.

Deputy Commissioner (Police) Silvio Valletta with his wife, Justyne Caruana

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  1. observer says:

    Kif tista’ temminhom u tafdhom? Tista’ mela ma tistax – basta tkun bahnan. U jekk tkun l-Avukat Generali wkoll? Dik iwegibha min jista’ – u ghandu – jwegibha.

  2. Evarist Saliba says:

    Conflict of interests? Come on, not when appointments are made by Joseph Muscat. Perhaps moral corruption describes the situation better.

  3. Incidentally, on the subject of the confidentiality of reports, what the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (CAP.373) actually says is:

    “Where an investigation order has been made or applied for,whosoever, knowing or suspecting that the investigation is taking place, discloses that an investigation is being undertaken or makes any other disclosures likely to prejudice the said investigation shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine(multa) not exceeding eleven thousand and six hundred and forty-six euro and eighty-seven cents (11,646.87) or to imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or to both such fine and imprisonment:Provided that in proceedings for an offence under this subarticle, it shall be a defence for the accused to prove that he did not know or suspect that the disclosure was likely to prejudice the investigation.”

    So at this point there is actually no reason not to publish the completed reports, unless there is ANOTHER investigation going on. So either they publish the FIAU report(s), or we have to assume that Keith Schembri, Brian Tonna, Konrad Mizzi or as yet unnamed accomplices are the subjects of yet another ongoing FIAU report.

  4. David Griscti says:

    Damn, just when you thought you understood the meaning of ‘conflict of interest’.

    This is really just too much. If anyone out there still feels it is right to back this incredibly corrupt and severely compromised lot, than I’m sorry, you do not deserve any respect as you are openly betraying your country and your own children.

    This has to stop. Since it is abundantly clear that the incredibly corrupt gang in Castille will not stop it but are fully intent on carrying on as if nothing happened, in the hope that it will all go away (which it clearly will not), than there is only one way to get rid of it.

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