My email to Christian Kalin of Henley & Partners right now

Published: May 12, 2017 at 12:56pm

I have just sent this in response to an email from Christian Kalin of Henley & Partners, which is reproduced further below.


I am extremely annoyed at your lawyers’ high-handed attitude and more than annoyed at the fact that a company feels itself empowered to sell a country’s citizenship against the will of the citizens of that country and by underhand agreement with a government that does not have an electoral mandate for it and then has the sheer brass neck to begin going after journalists and real citizens of that country who object to it.

If this government is voted out, you will have no trade in Maltese passports at all, and the vast majority of citizens of this country hope it happens.

As I had occasion to tell you when we met, Malta is not St Kitts & Nevis. You can behave like a colonial power, throwing your weight about against the press and legitimate criticism, in St Kitts & Nevis, but you can’t do it here.

I do not appreciate your threat to sue me in London. The reason you are doing it is not because ‘most of your business is there’. Most of your business comes from shady people in Russia and the Middle East, with the occasional Vietnamese MP thrown in.

The reason you are threatening to sue me in London is because you imagine that I am somebody from the sticks who is frightened of the words ‘London’, ‘UK courts’ and ‘high costs’.

I would be fascinated to see the adverse publicity surrounding any court case in which your shady outfit goes after a blogger in the EU member state where you are abusively selling Maltese citizenship – the fact that you have an agreement with a corrupt government does not make it non-abusive – against the will of the people who hold a Maltese passport by birthright.

Henley & Partners must be the most unpopular outfit in Malta right now after Pilatus Bank – an outfit owned by somebody who bought a St Kitts & Nevis passport from you – and that other outfit run by Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri, with whom you signed an agreement decided upon before they came to power.

I trust you have some understanding of the low regard in which Henley & Partners is held by the real citizens of Malta, and I await your reassurance that you are not bankrolling Muscat’s outfit in this electoral campaign so as to ensure that he is returned to power and you can carry on selling the passports of my country.

Daphne Caruana Galizia


That email was a prompt response to the following one, received this morning.

Hi Daphne
I just was made aware of this post. 
Did you receive another letter that upset you or what is the issue? I understood from our interactions, and from Mishcon’s last communication (which was however quite some time ago) that you had agreed to remove the defamatory and incorrect posts on your blog.  Kindly advise.
Basically we will need you to remove not everything of course, but those statements that are clearly defamatory and incorrect. If that is not done we have no other choice than following the advice of our lawyers and start proceedings in London as this is where all of this internet blogs has most impact on our business.
Hopefully we can avoid that and continue a reasonable dialogue, which I always find is better than any alternative. We simply want to stay out of the political issues Malta faces and do our business – in Malta or elsewhere.  Hope you understand…
Dr. Christian H. Kälin TEP IMCM
Group Chairman & CEO
Henley & Partners Holdings Ltd

Christian Kalin (right) with Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri (centre). Schembri is now the subject of a magistrate’s inquiry following a report by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, which the police covered up, that he took kickbacks from the sale of passports to Russians, through corrupt accountant Brian Tonna.

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  1. Fredu Briffa says:

    Tentattiv ta’ sarima ohra ghal halq Daphne.

    • Yes, they are disgusting, and so obviously doing all this in collaboration with each other. Pilatus Bank threatens to sue me in the US, Henley & Partners threaten to sue me in London, and the louts who make their shady business possible are suing me all over the shop in Malta and perjuring themselves.

      • Leli says:

        The entire system is so corrupt that it will come as no surprise if Henley & Partners are not only bankrolling the Labour Party’s electoral campaign but also facilitating donations from some of their ‘clients’.

        Labour is all over the place with a very expensive campaign, including top notch (read VERY EXPENSIVE) international advisors. After the election the party will brazenly declare spending less on their campaign than the Nationalist Party did.


  2. The unparalleled might of Daphne’s intelligent no-nonsense pen, right up there.

    Daphne, we love you.

  3. Danika Vella says:

    How patronising…

    • Yes, really patronising. They’re so accustomed to dealing with crooked dressed up Maltese hamalli that they are surprised to discover that there is another kind of Maltese person whose social background means they are not impressed by Henley & Partners but rather the opposite.

  4. Jimmy Better says:

    I would have referred them to Arkell v Pressdram.

    • chris S says:


      29th April 1971

      Dear Sir,

      We act for Mr Arkell who is Retail Credit Manager of Granada TV Rental Ltd. His attention has been drawn to an article appearing in the issue of Private Eye dated 9th April 1971 on page 4. The statements made about Mr Arkell are entirely untrue and clearly highly defamatory. We are therefore instructed to require from you immediately your proposals for dealing with the matter.

      Mr Arkell’s first concern is that there should be a full retraction at the earliest possible date in Private Eye and he will also want his costs paid. His attitude to damages will be governed by the nature of your reply.



      Goodman Derrick & Co.


      Dear Sirs,

      We acknowledge your letter of 29th April referring to Mr. J. Arkell.

      We note that Mr Arkell’s attitude to damages will be governed by the nature of our reply and would therefore be grateful if you would inform us what his attitude to damages would be, were he to learn that the nature of our reply is as follows: fuck off.


      Private Eye


  5. Paul Hili says:

    Shame on them.

  6. Joseph Agius says:

    Well done, Daphne. We should all share this post and the previous one and let Henley & Partners take us all to court.

  7. Jim says:

    “we have no other choice than following the advice of our lawyers and start proceedings in London”

    Of course the truth is that they do have a choice. The default rule in the Brussels I Regulation (recast) is that jurisdiction is grounded in the place of the domicile of the defendant.

    The reason for this rule is that it is assumed that bringing proceedings elsewhere is likely to be motivated by forum shopping, or simply to exact an advantage by inconveniencing the defendant.

    They MAY bring proceedings in England since this is the centre of their business interests. But they do have a choice, one which they appear to be exercising vexatiously.

    And it most certainly is vexatious given that there is no certainty that an English judgment will be capable of automatic recognition and enforcement in Malta after Brexit.

    Their lawyers would almost certainly advise them that the more prudent route would be to bring an action in Malta.

    • Their lawyers have done nothing of the sort. I am in receipt of multiple cease and desist letters from their lawyers, Mishcon de Reya, threatening me with court action in the UK.

      I have not responded to the most recent one yet, as I need to calm down first. The temptation to tell them to wipe their arse with it and stuff it down Keith Schembri’s throat is still too strong.

  8. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    3 June can’t come soon enough.

  9. steve fenech says:

    They must all be nuts. They threaten you to take you to court in USA and UK.

    Are they aware that both countries have a free press that will pick on this and show them up for what they are, a corrupt clique trying to muzzle a reporter in an EU country.

    • They’re not nuts. One is a sleazy Iranian with a passport purchased from a Caribbean island, who is accustomed to dealing with international crooks like the ruling family of Azerbaijan, and the other is a Swiss man with multiple passports who sells passports to Russians and Middle Easterns potentates.

      They literally have no understanding of the free press because they operate in a world without it.

  10. Careful, or I’ll find YET ANOTHER EMAIL from Mishcon de Reya, highlighting this comment and telling me to remove it or face action in “the UK courts”.

    It’s nice to see that it’s not only in Malta that lawyers are craven and do their client’s bidding when dollars are waved under their noses.

  11. NoThanks says:

    Henley & Partners: now that would be an interesting server to hack like Mossack Fonseca’s.

  12. They can do whatever they like. I’ve already seen the bodies of my worst enemies float pass me on the river, literally and metaphorically. Unless I die of cancer or get knocked down by a pass, the same will happen with them.

    Unlike them, I don’t survive by the ballot box.

    • J Sammut says:

      That’s the spirit. Thanks to your courage, more people are coming forward with more evidence against this corrupt lot.

      It’s getting contagious, thanks to your example.

  13. A.Vella says:

    London? That’s rich considering that the sale of passports by the Maltese government was used to quite some advantage by that other twat Farage, to convince the British to vote for Brexit.

  14. Edward says:

    Impact on their business? Are we supposed to care?

  15. Stephen Forster says:

    People like him write this way because they eat at the tables of power in tin-pot Mickey Mouse republics and they end up believing their own bullshit.

  16. Fred the Red says:

    The head-in-the-clouds professor who doubles up as Malta’s Minister ‘for’ Finance once referred to them as Henley & Something. How appropriate.

  17. This pirate obviously hasn’t thought this through very well. Once the Labour Party is gone, so is this scheme. Even if Simon Busuttil keeps it in some form (wrongly) it will certainly not be Henley overseeing it, and that’s a given.

    They might be thinking that therefore a change in government will kill one of their egg-laying geese, but that the problem will stop there.

    No, it gets worse. Part of Malta’s image cleanup will need to go beyond fixing current legislation in this and other areas, but also fixing the results of the Labour government’s bad practice.

    If I recall correctly, there are provisos in the law that allow for the revocation of citizenship if it is found to have been obtained by fraudulent means.

    In other words, every due diligence exercise carried out so far can be scrutinised again, never mind the false addresses and the non-residency, and large quantities of those passports cancelled. It should be easy. In addition, I don’t think that the law makes reference to refunds, and neither does it leave much avenue for appeal.

    So I suspect all those who get their passports revoked are going to want to sue him, probably in the UK courts, you know, that scary place where they have high costs.


  18. Lord Lucan says:

    To describe them as vermin would be a complement.

  19. My reference to a colonial attitude has nothing to do with the mention of London. The British were not the world’s only historic colonial power.

    The reference to colonialism is to the patronising attitude of a Swiss man with several passports who swans in to Malta, strikes an agreement with its corrupt government, meets nobody but hamalli Maltese in suits kowtowing to him (or the greedy equivalent with money) and thinks that Malta is just another St Kitts & Nevis full of plantation slaves desperate for a couple of dollars.

  20. L.Gatt says:

    Well done, Daphne.

  21. Lord Lucan says:

    The Nationalist Party should open up multiple cases on behalf of 50% of the population against Henley & Partners for destroying Malta’s reputation. What is the value of that?

  22. Ronald Demicoli says:

    Thank you, Daphne.

  23. They also know that they will have to prove their financial losses caused by this website: for example, show actual proof that a shady Russian was discouraged from, rather than encouraged to which is more likely to be the case, doing business with them because this website portrays them as shady.

  24. Tabatha_White says:

    That’s a threat in itself.

  25. is sixer says:

    Love the reply. Well done, Mrs Galizia. Screw them.

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