Most feminist political party ever uses fashion model to introduce party candidates

Published: May 23, 2017 at 9:50am

Nothing wrong with being a fashion model, but plenty wrong with being celebrated for your looks rather than your brains (or your ability to articulate a sentence without the aid of a script, and still getting it wrong).

It is just typical of the Malta Labour Party – which celebrates singers far more than it does scientists – to choose Tiffany Pisani to introduce its party candidates, including “Gavin Julia” and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, at a small political rally in a village.

The message here is: in women, looks are more important than brains and ability. If you’re good-looking, it doesn’t matter if you’re completely dim.

That’s a great example to give in a society which is already far too heavily infested with girls who follow the wrong role models. And it’s not great for a political party, either.

It’s even less great for Tiffany Pisani, who segued from World’s Next Top Model, or whatever it’s called, to sitting at a political rally in a Maltese village, reading a list of mediocre party candidates off a sheet of paper and still doing it wrong.

Shouldn’t she be at some flash party in Manhattan?