Fondazzjoni Kreattivita: pre-electoral direct order of €146,000 for Labour crony

Published: May 16, 2017 at 10:03am

As at 17th April, the government organisation Fondazzjoni Kreattivita was trying to push through an 11th-hour direct order for €146,000 for a “key employee”. The key employee in question is Labour crony Toni Sant, who is in copy in the email reproduced below, and who lives permanently in the UK despite being a director of the Maltese foundation.

The reasons for the direct order are not given in the email, which specifies that over and above this, the “key employee” is to be given €190 a month to cover his telecommunications expenses while in Malta, and will also have his full travel and accommodation costs paid for to an unspecified amount.

The email says “the justification for this direct order to issue the said agreement is based on Artistic Merit” (sic).

It instructs the recipient to obtain approval from the permanent secretary and says that because the value is so high, approval will have to be obtained from the Director General (Contracts) and not from the direct orders desk at the Ministry of Finance.