Fraudster presents regular show on Labour Party TV, while Labour Party calls Pilatus Bank whistleblower a “fraudster”

Published: May 6, 2017 at 9:26am

Karl Stagno Navarra, who presents a regular political discussion show on the Labour Party’s television station – the Prime Minister/Labour leader was the most recent guest yesterday – has a 24-year history of defrauding people out of their money by acquiring goods and services from them and not paying.

For all these years, he has been chased by an army of creditors, including his own ex wife, who has to battle him in court for the maintenance money for the care of their child after their marriage broke down in the scrum of people chasing him for the money he owed them.

Even after some of the creditors took him to court and obtained judgements in their favour, Stagno Navarra still did not pay them what he owed. Eighteen of those creditors, including his ex wife, then had to resort to obtaining a warrant of seizure/garnishee order in a vain attempt at collecting some of what they were owed.

The schedule of warrants issued against him is below. Meanwhile, the people from whom Karl Stagno Navarra rented a flat in St Julian’s, where he lived for quite a while, are still chasing him for more than €20,000 in unpaid rent.

Stagna Navarra worked for the Nationalist Party media for some years, but was quietly asked to leave after some matter which involved the misuse of a party chequebook. Sources who worked for the Nationalist Party at the time say that a decision was taken not to report Stagno Navarra to the police, and that he was asked to leave instead.

He then joined Malta Today, and after that worked for Al Jazeera as a stringer. When Joseph Muscat was elected to power in 2013, Stagno Navarra, who had thrown his weight behind that bandwagon, was put on the public payroll with a consultancy position at Malta Enterprise. He then moved to the Labour Party’s television station.

Karl Stagno Navarra