The only fraudsters in this equation are the ones at the Office of the Prime Minister

Published: May 1, 2017 at 2:26pm

I watched a Labour Party news video narrated by the Justice Minister’s girlfriend yesterday. It was the worst kind of fascist propaganda, including the fact that it was read by the Justice Minister’s girlfriend.

They were talking, in those scary tones adopted by the Labour Party news channel when it is on a fascist roll, about the Pilatus Bank whistle-blower. “Din il-mara frodista”. That was bad enough. But who was the woman in the film footage when the Justice Minister’s girlfriend was going on about women fraudsters? It was me.

I think I’ve had enough of this, and I’ve especially had enough of the obedient press and the way they treat the government as though it’s normal. The job of the press in this situation is to report on the tactics of the key people in government, and not collude in keeping those tactics secret.

For example, when communications aides at the Office of the Prime Minister rang contacts at the newspapers last Saturday to brief against the Pilatus Bank whistleblower, that was the news story, the fact that they did it.

Journalists and the public should bear in mind at all times, because now we are in crazy-making territory and it is easy to lose track of normality, that the only fraudsters in this equation are the ones who are running the country, who are using their positions of power to defraud Malta through a complicated system of offshore companies and bank accounts in Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Dubai and Switzerland.

The fraudsters are Joseph Muscat, Brian Tonna, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and their tool Karl Cini. And about this there can be no doubt, because there is all the evidence anybody could wish for, including the companies themselves, which are clear evidence of intent, and the money movements traced by investigators, which are clear evidence of money-laundering, so much so that they have been reported by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit to the police for (in)action.

Fraudsters populating their companies with assets