A good look at Mrs Muscat’s expensive plastic surgery: on her husband’s €55,000 a year

Published: May 8, 2017 at 4:59pm

While the country is panicking about corruption and we’re going into a year-early election, Mrs Muscat has been busy getting her face reshaped expensively, going for the First Lady of Azerbaijan look.

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  1. No, of course not. Look at her on television.

  2. Mrs Muscat is not in her late 40s. She is 42 or 43, and at that age one does not generally have wrinkles unless one is very unlucky.

  3. He tried that and it failed. He actually tried a scalp lift, too, before the general election. I spotted the tell-tale ring of stitches under the stage-spotlight in one photograph. I wrote about it on this website somewhere. That failed too – and it must have been really painful and expensive. He must be so envious of switcher-singer Joseph Calleja, whose own job was amazingly successful.

  4. tinnat says:

    Did this change happen overnight? Last week she looked her old self.

  5. Kyle says:

    So let me get this straight. Her husband apparently makes 55,000 euros annually which is absolutely chump change compared to what he was making before he came back to Malta and started reigning as the leader of the Labour Party and eventually the Prime Minister of Malta.

    Yet apparently, the Maltese community (us, the working. You and I) paid for her plastic surgery.

    Why should I care whether Michelle Muscat, like many, many other women has underwent plastic surgery and with all due respect, why do you care?

    Again, I don’t see how the Maltese community has paid for her plastic surgery. Joseph was never exactly poor and once more, he was racking in a lot more money when he in Brussels than he is now.

    • Joseph Muscat declared to parliament that he owns just 70,000 euros in the bank and no investments whatsoever. You people’s definition of ‘rich’ has always astounded me: dak siefer ta, ghandu l-flus. Dak tat-tajjeb ta, ghandu business.

      How lucky I was to grow up exposed to real life and how these things work.

      • Kyle says:

        I’m quite confused. What do you mean by “your people’s definition” – I am not here in the name of any party. Be it Labour or Nationalist. I saw your post and I thought I’d give you my two cents. Frankly, that’s why you have a comment section, for people to comment.

        Unfortunately though, Mrs Caruana Galizia you have escaped from my question and failed to satisfy me with an answer. Therefore, I’d appreciate it if you could maybe give it another try.

      • Here is my answer.

        On a total household income of 55,000 euros, it is not possible to keep four people, run a large household with a swimming-pool, buy food and pay the routine bills, pay school fees of 7,000 euros a year, pay 11,000 euros for just six nights in a hotel (and that’s just the holiday bill we know about), pay for a huge wardrobe of designer clothes for the wife and daughters, take several trips a year, and pay for plastic surgery for the wife.

        Maybe you are too young to know how expensive it is to run a household with children, even without paying thousands a year in school fees and buying them fancy clothes.

        My previous reply to you is based on my observation that people who grew up without money, or whose entire extended family are on wages and salaries, have a very different definition of ‘rich’, think that working abroad is a licence to print money, and also seem to think that a business is a money-tap.

        My entire extended family was/is self-employed and owned/owns businesses, so I have a more realistic perspective, and a pragmatic ability to assess whether people can afford the things they have or not, or whether they are actually owned by the bank or cheating somewhere.

      • Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

        A business group with loans from banks amounting to around Euro 5 million and nothing of substance in his financial statements to assure a repayment to the bank.

  6. Odyssey says:

    Exactly – he is the type with the viscous character (and envy) not to let anyone be better than him. I think he finds pleasure in being sadistic with people.

  7. Mister says:

    Are we going for the Madonna ta’ Fatima look ?

  8. You prove my point. Joseph Muscat looks legitimately rich to you because of your situation in life. He does not look legitimately rich to me. 55,000 euros a year is not rich and it does not pay for his and his wife’s lifestyle. It certainly does not justify 11,000 euros on six nights in a hotel, or a big plastic surgery bill.

    Nobody is suggesting that she passed the bill on to taxpayer. The questions here are about alternative sources of income which may not be legitimate.

    Also, you have not taken note of a fact which I spelled out to you, and which I will repeat again: he declared just 70,000 euros in the bank to parliament.

    So even if he earned, for argument’s sake, half a million a year for six years before becoming party leader, he does not have any savings beyond 70,000 euros. In other words, whatever he earned back then is now irrelevant because he no longer has it.

    • jbusuttil says:

      He gives himself away on other portals which contradicts his ” I am not here in the name of any party”..

  9. Obviously not, because there’s no parliament.

  10. I’m going to repeat it yet again: he only has 70,000 euros in savings, so what he earned in the past is IRRELEVANT because it is not accessible to him to spend now as it doesn’t exist.

  11. It’s pointless trying to explain to people who think this way. They think that if you’re a prime minister then you must be rich, even if your salary is public and nothing to write home about.

    It’s native-of-Vanuatu thinking: white man have big money.

  12. politicks says:

    Heil Joseph.

  13. WhoamI? says:

    Plus veneers from the looks of it.

  14. Antoine Vella says:

    So that’s why I almost didn’t recognise her when I saw the first photos of the event. I mean, I knew it was her because of the context but she looked different. And I’m not one to notice such details usually.

  15. Roy Brown says:

    Those ministerial declarations are a better work of fiction than Lord of the Rings, the trilogy.

  16. CB says:

    He declared the ‘neat’ amount he’s saved as Euro 70k. That is, unless you think he’s under-declared his savings to parliament. Or has another source of income, of course.

  17. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    Just calculate 10% kickback on each salary and conclude for yourself what is left out from the declarations to Parliament.
    Incidentally, has any journalist bothered to request a copy and to publish them for the scrutiny of us, lesser mortals.

  18. Audrey Hubbers says:

    You made my evening :)

  19. Victor, I never called YOU a troll. Trolls never use their real names and in any case, your comments were always genuinely meant and I could see that. I just didn’t agree with you, that’s all.

  20. No, thank you. I come from a very different background and don’t share her hungry aspirations.

  21. Benny Hill says:

    How have you managed to miss the point that Joseph Muscat only declared around €70,000 in savings?

    This means that all he owns in the world, other than his house, is €70,000.

    If he earned, say, €200,000 through his European Parliament job, then that has either all been spent, or only a part of it remains, which constitutes the whole or part of the €70,000.

  22. She disappeared for a while.

  23. I really don’t know why women bother. Nobody has ever met a 60 year-old who looks like a 40 year-old.

    You either look bad for 60 or good for 60, but still you look 60, and the only people who think you look young are aged 80.

  24. J. Borg says:

    So it would seem likely that she’s done it with other people’s money. As it happens, her husband likes to splash out with other people’s money too — though a bit more blatantly.

    Since he was elected, Joseph Muscat has been playing the billionaire with the people’s money — he did this immediately when he bailed out Café Premier to the tune of 4.2 million euros the moment he was elected.

    Almost worse than this is the amount he has spent on travel alone during 2016 — Joseph Muscat spent 2.24 million euros on TRAVEL alone in 2016 (reported in Times of Malta 29th Dec 2016) — that is more than 9000 euros per working day. He uses private jets instead of our ailing airline Airmalta. He even just gave Vistajet (of which it seems he is a regular client) a million euro ‘sponsorship’! (…probably to ensure he has a quick way out if he needs to escape prosecution in the forthcoming election).

    Galantom bi FLUSNA!!!! We need to remind those people who are suffering financial hardship how he is squandering THEIR money — perhaps they will come to their senses and realise he is betraying them and their once beloved ‘workers party’!

    And this is besides everything else! But his attitude towards people’s money in the above would seem consistent with the allegations…

  25. bookmemoirs says:

    Looks as though she has also reset her teeth.

  26. Eddie Preston says:

    And we will be pre-financing their self-exile.

  27. Neo says:

    It’s been quite some time since she performed a stunt for the Marigold Foundation. Is it still active?

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