Last week she was a fraudster, and today she’s a Bond girl

Published: May 24, 2017 at 1:08pm

Up to last week, the government and its Labour cronies were still trying hard to push the line that Mrs AB, the Pilatus Bank whistle-blower, is a fraudster. When it emerged during a court hearing last week that her accusations against the bank about unpaid wages and its attempts at framing her for “taking money” are borne out by factual evidence, they had to change tack.

So today she’s a Bond girl, a Russian spy, somebody who Vladimir Putin personally planted at Pilatus Bank in January 2016, when the world did not know about Egrant Inc – the story broke in the Panama Papers the following April – so that he could exact his revenge on Joseph Muscat for refusing to refuel his warships the following November, almost a year later.

And because Mrs AB is a Bond girl and a Russian spy working undercover for Putin, she is still chasing the bank for her unpaid three-months salary of €6,000 today, 15 months later, because she has to pretend to be a normal woman with a husband and two young children and all the normal expenses of running a household with bills to pay.

Putin didn’t pay her, and to quote the politicians, she has to eat.

The only Russian influence in this crazy story is the vodka that the Prime Minister and his advisers must have been drinking when they cooked it up in desperation.

They are so desperate that they don’t even care about the diplomatic fall-out for Malta, our country, when the Prime Minister himself calls a press conference to accuse the head of state of one of the world’s most powerful countries – Russia – of sending spies to deliberately destabilise and undermine him and his government.

Get out now, before you do any more damage to Malta in your increasingly mad attempts at saving your own skins.