Makes you want to start queuing at 7am on Saturday to vote them out

Published: May 31, 2017 at 11:17pm

Liba and mahmug go without saying for Labour, a political party with nothing but a wafer-thin veneer of civilisation.

But gay, used as an insult or pejorative term? I thought this was the liberal and progressive party which waves the rainbow flag and chats on about civil rights (i.e. rights for gay men while blanking out gay women).

No, I didn’t. I’ve been around the Malta Labour Party long enough to know that it thinks of gay men as pufti – hence Muscat’s ‘she doth protest too much’ effort at creating a macho image – and, if it acknowledges that such things as lesbians exist, believes that they were put on earth for the titillation of late-night patrons of Labour Party club bars who slot a film tan-nisa into the DVD player when all the wives and girlfriends have gone back home.

I see something like this and, despite being a night owl and not a morning lark, I want to start queuing at the crack of dawn on Saturday to vote the bastards out. And if they carry on in this arrogant, we’re-so-confident-of-victory mode, they may yet be in for the nastiest of nasty surprises – and deserve every blind bit of it.