Mrs Muscat wears €1,000 shoes on stage at Labour mass meeting yesterday

Published: May 30, 2017 at 12:06am

Mrs Muscat, the Prime Minister’s wife, went on stage to greet her husband and hug and kiss his party deputy leaders, Christian Cardona and Louis Grech, wearing a €1,000 pair of Valentino Rock Stud shoes.

She also wore a rather more modestly priced (€160) Chanel pearl double C logo necklace.

Mrs Muscat has no known or legitimate income of her own, and her husband’s annual salary, after deductions for income tax and national insurance, is around €55,000. Annual tuition fees for their two children, at San Anton School, are €7,000 – but those are covered by his leasing of the family car to the government for his own use as the Prime Minister’s official vehicle, for which he receives €7,500 a year.

Last year, the Prime Minister and Mrs Muscat spent €11,000 – one-fifth of their legitimate declared income – on six nights at a Dubai hotel over Easter. That was just the hotel bill; flights for the family of four, and other holiday and travel expenses, were over and above.