Muscat’s contempt for the media: ignores interview invitation from The Malta Independent

Published: May 30, 2017 at 11:27am

Joseph Muscat and his aides have ignored an invitation to be interviewed by The Malta Independent.

The newspaper reports that Muscat, back in January – long before the Egrant Inc/Pilatus Bank scandals broke and way ahead of the news of a general election – had turned down a similar request with a rude, hostile one-line message directly from him and not through an aide: “I won’t beat about the bush. No.”

Given the Prime Minister’s notorious failure to use punctuation or capital letters in emails and messages, I would say that this was more likely to have been “i wont beat about the bush no” and the newspaper is being civilised about it, though in their position I would reproduce his message exactly as it was received.

The Malta Independent also reports that requests for interviews with Mrs Muscat, made through her aides, were ignored too.