While his office is raided by the police: shady accountant Brian Tonna in Hilton meeting with ‘American University’ boss and Prince Jean of Luxembourg

Published: May 8, 2017 at 12:13pm

On 21 April, I published this story and the video below, taken with a phone by somebody who was present.

The men, who were at a meeting at the Hilton, included Brian Tonna, whose offices at Nexia BT were raided by the police while he was at that meeting.

The other men were not identified at the time. They have now been indentified as Hani Hasan Naji Al Salah, the Jordanian to whom Muscat gave a large tract of public land at Zonqor Point and historic buildings on Cottonera port, for a ‘university’, his aides, and Prince Jean of Luxembourg, known sometimes as Jean Nassau, who works in the water industry and owns what used to be the South African water subsidiary of Suez Environnement.

This meeting was on Friday, 21 April. The following day, Saturday, Hani Hasan Naji Al Salah and Jean of Luxembourg, together with their aides, left together for Geneva on the same private jet.

Prince Jean of Luxembourg

Hani Hasan Naji Al Salah

Brian Tonna